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Chocoholick Reviews and Ratings - Perungudi, Chennai


Rated 1.0 by Sudipta Chowdhury

Had the wish to have some ice creams or cakes. Came across this particular outlet that does delivery in 45 minutes (as per the zomato app) and NO MINIMUM DELIVERY (as per zomato app). So ordered some sweets worth 400 bucks. But then on confirming it from the store guys, these scammers say they have a minimum delivery of 500 bucks and they NEVER ACCEPTED ANY ORDER. However I got notifications for their acceptance to the order. After a quick check with zomato guys... the SCAMMER STORE FOLKS convey the zomato folks that they would deliver only if I PAY THEM EXTRA 100 BUCKS and guess what, their delivery time suddenly BUMPED to 1 HR 30 MINS. Never to oder from this place, bunch of liars and well seeing the other ratings to this place, I don't think this place is worth a try.


Rated 3.0 by Lekha Sri

A newly opened confectionery that has potential to beat all the pizza franchises like Papa John's.  Thou shalt try this place for a quick meal(Italian only) at a very nominal price. My personal favorites are their finger-licking banana waffles and triple-cheese pasta, which they cook unbelievably well. The food arrives on time and their service is rather welcoming. They provide a wide range of milkshakes, of which I had a Blackforest shake that numbed my brain with its taste! :) Try it out if you plan to visit perungudi and you won't regret the food experience they give!


Rated 3.0 by Senthil Kumar

Chocoholic - Perungudi in SP info city , newly opened shop! They serve some quick bites and cakes and confectioners! I had a chance to grab a French fries , nuggets , and a cake called What's that cake , red velvet guess I m spelling it right ! In my opinion , French fries were not properly fried and salty and nuggets were good but I felt something is missing ! Let's talk about the cake ! What's that cake! The name itself called me to grab a piece , a piec costed me 100+ bucks , but it was awesome in taste, full o chocolate with Rocky sort a look and smoothie feel ! Yummmm! But I ordered the same cake for a birthday event I didn't find the same feel and cake was watery n juicy Definetly not creamy! Red velvet I personally didn't liked it but my buddy's loved it ! My suggestion is that they should look for the price if they concentrate on all sort of people who works there! They can try some different dishes in quick bites rather the old skool menu! Definetly a place to be tried once , I ll Definetly try if they try out some new dishes with a better taste!


Rated 4.0 by Aparna Sridhar

This is a great place to grab something sweet. Most of the birthday cakes for team celebrations come from here and they are quite spectacular. I've tried the chocolate truffle and white forest cake which are particularly good. The ganache on top of the truffle cake is divine. The cream in the white forest is light and tasty and the sponge cake is very well made. They also have cupcakes and if you're on a diet (hehe) they give you the cake without the frosting. I've tried their red velvet cake and it's good. Their churros are frozen and then flash fried but they tasted good and the chocolate sauce on the side was yummy. As for savory food I've tried their penne pasta. They make it spicy on request. This was overcooked once and well cooked the other time so they'll benefit from a little consistency. Also benefit from incorporating a few more veggies for a more bright and fresh tasting pasta. On the whole I highly recommend them for cakes and desserts.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Vidz

Loved the cake n loved the service!! Ordered d cake around 11am n got it delivered to home by 6pm. N it was amazing yumillicious irishcoffee cake.....