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11th Avenue, Jaffarkhanpet
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Cane Blends Reviews and Ratings - Jaffarkhanpet, Chennai


Rated 2.0 by Justy301995

quantity was low


Rated 4.0 by Krishna Pillai A

The 1-line summary: Awesome sugarcane juice/variants at pocket-friendly prices. Absolute must try. Ideal for takeaway.  The rating: Food: 4.6/5. VFM: 4.7/5. Ambience & Service: 4.8/5 (Mainly for service) The details: This is another ‘appearances-are-deceptive’ kind of place that surprises you . This small cane juice shop, located on 12th Avenue close to where I live, is so good it has now become a daily haunt of ours! Their sugarcane juices (and variants !) are consistently awesome. On a hot summer day, as you take that first sip, the first thought to enter your mind is – the humble cane juice beats all the shakes, smoothies & crushers of the world ! My own favourite is the plain sugarcane juice that’s rightly named ‘Just Cane’. I’ve also tried all their variants & combos - and each of them tastes excellent in its own way. I’ve often found cane juices in other shops to be too sweet (some add sugar) or too diluted. At ‘Cane Blends’ it’s just perfect. Of late they also serve a few snack items ; most of which are western items with an Indian twist – Indian Tacos, Khakra Pizza. The food items too are pretty good, and don’t disappoint. I just hope they maintain the high standards even as they scale up. I’ve seen many such shops where as volume increases the quality drops. They used to be real value for money, but they jacked up their prices a few months back. Even with the new prices I wouldn’t call them expensive. Hope they hold on to these rates for some time. It’s a pretty small shop with seating for just 3-4 folks, so I would recommend takeaway/online. They’ve recently onboarded onto Zomato for online ordering. Posted: 18-Jun-2018


Rated 2.0 by Siddharth

Too much sugar. It felt like sugar syrup. Quantity is very less.


Rated 4.0 by Avi6un

Cane juice was a little too sugary for my taste, but otherwise great


Rated 4.0 by Irene Alexander

Ambience -5 Quality-5 Taste-4 We ordered just cane, sapodilla and a white sauce pasta which were amazing. Nice ambience and the workers were very kind