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Buhari Reviews and Ratings - Triplicane, Chennai

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Vi Kky

Not a worth place for money but worth for the taste. Seriously I'm saying that I don't have 140 charactes to type.... Don't do this again I'm saying u...


Rated 4.0 by Silas Wesley

Buhari ! This is the first of the 18 outlets in chennai and is one of the oldest and famous place for biryani amongst the old as well as the present generation. 1. This place has made its mark among the people especially for its biryani, which is a default dish when visiting this place. 2. Madras Kothu Parotta - our typical chennai style kothu parotta , perfectly flavourful. You'll love it. 3. BBQ chicken - all time favourite. 4. Over all the savour foods , the one thing which hit me up was their Bun Butter Jam- this is considered one of their famoys and best seller since olden days, check out the pick and you'll know why its worth this hype. fruit bun+ homemade jam + butter + sugar. ❤ 5. Rosemilk - you get the liberty to swirl up the mixture of the rosemilk , as the rose essence would be present at the bottom without being mixed up. The taste was too sugary though, a little bit less sugary and bit more creamier would have made it just perfect. The ambience hasn't been changed much and is pretty normal and service was a bit slow. Overall an good place to dine in with your family and have a great food experience. #Buhari


Rated 3.0 by Manaf Mas

One of the famous restaurant will go down only for service.. last night my dinner was here and we ordered 2.mutton biriyani,chicken 65,bun butter jam and tea. The food was good other than chicken 65 because 65 was not fried well.inside just raw chicken. And we complaint with captain and he was laughing and told to keep chicken like that and he return it for making deep fry. And we started to have mutton biriyani.the chicken 65 was ready after 30 min after having our mutton biriyani.. and the tea and bun butter jan was good overall good in food but service was waste.. i gave 3 points only for food.. dear buhari team please keep good service teams. Ambiance: 4/5 Food: 4/5 Vfm:2.5/5 Service 1/5


Rated 3.0 by Vishal Devanand

Food is excellent. Ordered Chicken Biriyani, Veg Szechuan fried rice, Veg noodles, Chicken Noodles, etc. Went with a gang of 11. Staff was friendly, at the same time, not serious about their work. A server dropped lots of plates, while cleaning the nearby table. Their staff doesn't seem to take any action until their manager came in later on. The ambience is good, but could be better. The front part of this restaurant is currently under renovation for now. If you go with a big group, you've to wait for around 15 minutes.


Rated 4.0 by Imthiyaz Ahamed

My goto place for Midnight hunger.. Everyone will rave about their chicken 65 and chicken 90 and biriyani. Yeah it tastes good. But still their bun butter jam and dum tea combo is what making me visit this place once a week.!!