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Brooklyn Reviews and Ratings - Mylapore, Chennai


Rated 2.5 by Arjun Purohit

Good setting with Average food. Continental Breakfast was a disappointment


Rated 1.0 by Hari Prakash

Worst I have seen ever


Rated 2.5 by Srijani Basak

Brooklyn - is just dead and silent. Considering they have got the prime location looking into the Cathedral road, very close to City Center and other happening eateries, I wonder if the management have given up their hopes on this place. On a weekday evening, when all the nearby joints need minimum of 15minutes waiting to get a table, I decide to have a quick meal at this Restaurant & Cafe. The joint is a part of Hotel Manhattan. The dining place is a narrow passage, round tables & wooden chairs arranged in a single row; cream walls and dull yellow light leads to the reception desk at the end. I assumed the place is closed and was about to leave, when a staff/waiter appeared to say they are open. Curious, I ask him why is the place so deserted to which he mentions they have a bar which goes busy, but hardly people come for dinner here. They have a few customers for breakfast though. . Never mind, I went through the menu - elaborate list of starters, gravies, tandoori, rice, and all Indo-Chinese varieties are listed at a very nominal price. Even American breakfast, continental breakfast, salads are there on the menu. Still deserted? Is the food worth having? With all the dilemma running, I ordered safe - egg fried-rice and dragon chicken. Food took 15minutes to arrive, meanwhile asked the only staff for a glass of regular water. He mentioned, the bottle at table is complimentary(Manhattan's own label) but never offered to pour. I guess complimentary stuffs attracts self-service. Dragon Chicken - Average. While the chicken slices were little rubbery, the flavor of sauces,spring onion and ample cashews were okay. Quantity was pretty good for Rs90. Egg Fried-rice - Passable. Slightly better than roadside, with the use of basmati sans cabbage n red-chili powder. Egg was more of a chopped omelet, than scrambled. The place has got its location right, with some good hire of staffs , chef, renovation and publicity, Manhattan have so much business to pull. However,it's managements take. From the point of view of a foodie, till they get a facelift/foodlift, the place will continue to remain deserted.

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Kunal Gupta

Bad choice if you are looking for honest service. The complimentary bfadt is some very limited with fungus bread. Warm tea. Jam too tastes like you would gt it from street vendor and omlete is not cooked properly. I think they train people here to for roadside startups. Service is poor. Towels were moist, ac doesn't have temp control. Fittings leak and TV doesn't work. Pillows are like you have put a cotton log under your head. Pathetic place to be in

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Venkat GR

Me and my friends accidentally went to this restaurant for one of my friends treat. The dine room is very silent. There were only 8 tables. we split up and occupied three tables. First i ordered a soup which they took nearly half an hour to prepare one sweetcorn chicken soup. Aroma of the soup is good but once i tasted it omg its very very bad and the chicken tasted like a spongeball. Then for maincourse i ve ordered prawn biryani and reshmi kabab. Biryani tasted very poor and the name biryani doesnt suits it. Reshmi kabab tasted good. Then my friends ordered fish items, but they ve said they dont have fish items.Its ok but they dont even have a single fresh juice. Water offered to us was salty. we have to buy mineral water bottles that too from outside shop. Only the starters tasted good but dont even try any maincourse. Waiters were very poor and they didnt even know the meaning of hospitality. There are only 3waiters ,they all sat besides us and watched the tv shows. It really made us very aggressive. Prices were affordable. Finally we went to the bill counter they dont even have a computerised bill machine. Waiters calculated the amount and they made the calculations wrong. Atlast it ended up in speech fight. We ve calculated the amount and nearly 400rs reduced from the previous bill. Oh god its really a very horrible place to eat. Dont try this hotel. If u lyk try only starters. Thank u frnds.