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Biriyani Station

Alwar Thirunagar
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Biriyani Station Reviews and Ratings - Alwar Thirunagar, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Ali

This was a late review, in this restaurant Chinese items and briyani items will be excellent and good in taste. Well enjoyed neat and clean................

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Harish Palaniappan

As it was the only place nearby and I was very tired and needed food immediately , I chose this place and one more reason was the extremely praising previous review of this restaurant . The place was deserted when I went there around 1:30pm. When I was looking up the menu , the waiter told they're only Chicken biriyani , fried rice and lollipop . This place might be good in Biriyanis but the chicken rice was one of the worst I've ever had. It didn't even match the street food quality and taste . The lollipop was a step kore horrible than chicken rice . Bad ambiance , not so hygienic either. 1.5 is Coz of the pricing only .

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Siddharth Madhavan

I have had the food here once, and I must say it was really good and easily the best biriyani I have had in Chennai. I ordered the mutton biriyani and it came along with the traditional kathrikka ghotsu (brinjal gravy) and raita, although the gravy was slightly higher on the spice quotient it complimented the biriyani really well. Now coming to the biriyani, the dum was set perfectly and the mutton pieces were so very soft that it could be passed off as Mysore pa from Sri Krishna sweets :-P and yet it retained all its juices. My mom being a vegetarian had the Veg Fried Rice and found it really good as well. The ambience is nothing out of the ordinary and frankly one shouldn't expect much of an ambience from a fast food joint. However, the place is clean and is very well maintained. If one were to ask my opinion I would say all biriyani aficionados in the city must try out this place. It is also value for money.