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Arcot Road, Kodambakkam
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Banjara Reviews and Ratings - Kodambakkam, Chennai


Rated 5.0 by Suresh Kumar

Although it has been over a decade since I last went to liberty, I still remember the mouth watering dragon chicken sizzler. Will definitely visit again, and hope it still tastes the same.


Rated 2.5 by Sparkly Hyena

Around 11pm as all restaurants are closed in kodambakkam thought of going here. It's near to my room. I really regret going over here. Chicken cream soup smells like coconut oil. Menu is basic. Got tandoori it was okay okay. N finally schezwan fried rice needless to say about it , Not good at all. From the time we entered till we came no other person entered its total empty..


Rated 2.5 by Sreejith Jayaram

Was one of the most crowded and tastiest restaurants in the city. Has failed to keep up the standards and food quality as before. Would love to see a revamp of this place with better staffs


Rated 2.5 by Roshini Muthu Kumar

Worstuuuu experience... Being one of kodambakkams old hotels and having a good reputation about the hotel the restaurant sucks.. Went in around 9PM and the restaurant was empty! The moment I walked in I felt the food is going to be old or stale.. And I was not wrong.. We ordered the sweet corn chicken soup which was okay but the chicken was half cooked and red in colour.. The soup was 2/3 and the quantity was sooooo less that Each of us had not more than 5 spoons. The waiters were unable to understand anything we were trying to say and were quite rude.. The rates were on the high side for the quantity and quality. The tandoori chicken sandwich was a total rip off. I was given one toast with chicken cut in half for 160 rupees when half plate tandoori chicken was 200 bucks! They messed up even a butter chicken , too much salt and water. Definite no no no No for this place..


Rated 2.5 by Vikram M N

What was named as ‘The Pub’ is not listed in Zomato so I put up my review in Banjara, a restaurant in the same hotel complex whose menu I ordered food for the night. ‘The Pub’, the name is quite classy isn’t it? Likewise, of the three bars that we visited that day this place had a better seating, a courteous waiter and decent food. After we ordered B. P. Gold whisky the waiter was courteous enough to inform that they have only five large of it. And it was at 10.30 PM. Can you believe it? My friend was like, “Namma enna avalo periya kudikaranu nenachitana da?” The same sides, the same glass and the same 7Up. Only with better music. It was pretty much the order of the day. But one extra thing we did there was to have food. Not because we wanted to but because it was the last outing of the day and we have to have something. Butter Naan which the tablesters next to us had ordered looked yummy so we too ordered the same along with chicken masala. It not only looked yummy but also tasted yummy. Chicken was decent. Of the three places that we went that day it was the only place which I didn’t regret spending money but as a rule there should be at least one thing to piss me off.  This time it was the security who was saluting us every now and then. And like every person who becomes a better person after drinking my friend gave me ten rupees to offer him. I hate it. Absolutely hate it.