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Bachelor's Kitchen

200 Feet Radial Road, Thuraipakkam
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Bachelor's Kitchen Reviews and Ratings - Thuraipakkam, Chennai


Rated 1.0 by Rohan Joshi

Terrible experience, ordered dal fry, got delivered chhole. Will not respect customer's special needs. Black listBlack listBlack listBlack list

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Aishwarya Natarajan

Ordered a paneer roll frm dis place. Costed around 70. Twas piping hot wen opened. But wen tasted, found out dat de roll including de fillings was of pooor quality. Was juz sauce( toooo muj) nd onions wid a vry few nd small pieces of paneer. It's not worth the money.


Rated 2.5 by Abhijit Waghmare

You can get very good parathas here... other items are just price it's economical....ambience: it's just like a mess, don't expect much.....good for bachelors....others can just give a try for change


Rated 4.0 by बिकास चन्द्र सदाशिव

Located near tvh park villa thoraipakkam. It is a small 1 room where maximum of 8 people can eat comfortably. The food quality is awesome..atleast fr me.. Very good for north indians as the cook is from bihar.. chicken masala is soo tasty that it will make u remember the chicken u are used to eat at home.. Lassi is also good.


Rated 3.0 by Mithilesh Mahesh

The hotel has a lot of items and as the name goes it is ideal for bachelors.... but as the rate is high the expectations are also and this is where it fails to deliver the side dishes could be better and more combos can be offered.