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Asian Station

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Anna Nagar
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Asian Station Reviews and Ratings - Anna Nagar, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by JBT

Enjoyed the buffet last Sunday. The non-veg soup and starters are very good. Especially the chicken lollipops and the monos are awesome. The main course is also good, but I feel the number if items are less compared to the price.


Rated 1.0 by Krishna Thandava

Worrest experience... Complete chinese style... no welcome drink...Limited starters that too not good.... some body who loves south Indian spicy taste don't even think about this... Waste of time... waste of money.... Deserts... Come-on it's all crap - two basic ice creams , wtermelon and papaya and few other items... there is no zero rating otherwise I would have gone for it


Rated 1.0 by Karthikk Raj

This reveiw is nothing about the food but experience with the management and the valet. Its the second time happening among my known circle and this time it's my car. After dining, returned to the parking and my car was parked at a corner . When I tried opening the door i noticed that it had a big dent on the right fender and the fender was overlapping the door . So the door doesn't open. When this was taken up to the management, they simply denied and the staff who was talking to me just walked away with his phone and couldn't be seen in visinity . I reach the owner and I was told that they could check with their team only the next day noon. So I had dropped off the car at the same place and returned home in a cab .I was frantically waiting for their reply and it's 12.40 noon the next day no calls. I call them and the owner says 2 mins he would reutrn the call after checking their surveillance camera. After 30 mins I get a call from the manager saying that nothing has happened to the car and to come in person and meet him. I did not bother to argue with these kind of irresponsible management so just had the car picked up and sent to the workshop for repair and the estimate was around 12000 rupees... What I feel bad about is not the money being spent but a management with this kind of attitude. This clearly shows their want to get away when there is a mishap or mistake from their side In this case it is just a car what if it is a mistake or mishap when it comes to hygene ,,quality of the food served to a customer.....


Rated 2.0 by Chandan Chordia

A very unsatisfactory experience the mushroom felt like we were eating fish and the kryptonite was equally bad the only thing good was the ambience


Rated 3.0 by Ekta John

Ambience - decent 3.5 Food - decent 3.5 I would have rated this place as 4 but rating it 3.5 because of 2 reasons. A) The wait for food is lill long. B) didn’t find chicken to be fresh enough. But I must say it’s a good place to try sushi. Myself not being a huge of sushi, I loved it here. As you can see from my pictures for starter we had sushi and fish. And both were on point. I loved their starters. For mains we had fried rice and chicken curry Thai style ( which was suggested by them). But to be honest didn’t work quite well for us. Totally a big no for the chicken in curry. It was not fresh at all. But over all experience was no that bad. Really enjoyed starters. And quite a friendly people. So do try the place but dont forget to book a table before you plan your dinner their .