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Arknemesis Gaming

Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam
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Arknemesis Gaming Reviews and Ratings - Nungambakkam, Chennai


Rated 5.0 by Reluctant Foodie

I loved the ambience of this place 😍 so cozy and calm. The place is split into two sections one for the bistro and the other for gaming. Coming to the food we had cheese balls,chicken mushroom fusilli pasta and veg fusilli pasta. Everything tasted very good. Service is self service and our order was ready within 15 mins.. The bill came up to 650 rs.


Rated 3.0 by Sugan

Few of our old officemate's decided to meet for dinner. After considering various options, finalized this one. This place is unique. It's a gaming place which also serve food. It's fun right. Especially when you go with friends. Location and Parking - This restaurant is located in lower ground floor of Ispahani centre in Nungambakkam. Landmark by itself. Have space for parking the vehicle that too without any parking fee. Ambiance - It has unique ambiance being a gaming cafe. Dim lighting at play area and apt lighting at dining area. They have one wing exclusively for gaming. 2 Different styles of seating is available. Both are comfortable. Perfect place for hangout. Games - They have many PC console for games. Apart from that they do have 3 Snooker boards and few PlayStation. All these are paid one. At dining area we also have games like Chess, Taboo and Stabble. Not sure what Taboo and Stabble are. Service - It is a Self service place. Food are ready in reasonable time. Not sure about the speed when the restaurant is crowded. Ensure your food accompanied with required one like spoon πŸ₯„, chilli flakes, oregano, tissue paper etc. They miss to give at time. Also we need to prompt them for cleaning the finished plates. Menu - The menu looks decent. Won't say great as it may appear. Has sandwiches 🍞, burgersπŸ”, pizza πŸ•, pastas etc. Food - We 6 of us ordered French fries 🍟, Panner screwer, cheese πŸ§€ balls, Schewan fried rice, Tex Mex Pizza πŸ•, Mac and Cheese πŸ§€ Pastas, Veg Biriyani and few Non-Veg dishes for my friends. Cheese πŸ§€ balls - It was awesome. Perfect start to the dinner. French Fries 🍟 - It was bit hard and taste is not great. We somehow managed to complete it. Feiry Hot Panner screwer 🍑 - The panner is soft and good. Rest of the vegetables are just ok. Tex Mex Nachos Pizza πŸ• - It was presented well. Taste-wise I liked it. It was topped with nachos. Sauce in pizza was excellent. Base of pizza can be improved. Mac and cheese πŸ§€ Pasta - It was awesome. One of the best I had here. Creamy and less cheesy. Schezwan fried rice - It was excellent. Not oily. Not that spicy too. We liked it. Nemesis Cooker Veg Biriyani - It Came in a Cooker. Piping hot whistling. We waited and opened with lot of expectations but ended up with disappointment. It was just a hot rice. No salt. No masala. Horrible. We just left as such. Non-Veg dishes my friend ordered also gave similar mixed reviews. I would rate 2.5/5 for taste. Since Zomato doesn't allow 0.5 nowadays, giving 3 considering their idea of gaming and some good dishes. Price - The pricing seems reasonable taking location into consideration. Final Word - Can give a try if you are Keen in trying some games or for perfect hangout place.


Rated 4.0 by Himanshu Tayal

God oh God you turn into this place and you see a heaven for Gamers. You look all around and you'll find only people indulged in complete gaming experience. This is what I feel is atmosphere of the space. Then comes the Bistro part, the people were really supportive as we went in a group of 9 people they allocated us a space for our own. We ordered around 7 to 8 different dishes including all types of pastas and burger. We also ordered garlic bread and spring roll. Spring roll was ok and the garlic bread was good. Coming to the mainstream food, the food was not that good but it wasnt bad either. I somewhere feel that the Ambience and the atmosphere makes it up for the food. They even offered us table games such as uno and other General Stuffs which was a great inclusion. So I would recommend this place on a scale of four out of five and I feel you can go the at least once as it won't disappoint you.


Rated 3.0 by Krithikaa 🌸

So I planned to visit this place with my friend for lunch and the ambience was totally attractive and full of lights. If you love playing snooker or any video games then visiting this place is highly recommended. I ordered breaded fish goujon, paneer tikka pizza, dragon chicken and watermelon mojito. The Fish goujon was more or less fish fingers which we generally call it as. It was very crisp on the out and cooked perfectly. The paneer tikka pizza was okayish. Not bad and not so great too. Dragon chicken is the basic one we find in any Chinese restaurant. The only thing I felt was the quantity is too less. Taste:4/5 VFM:5/5


Rated 4.0 by Chubbychennaigirl

Gamers in Chennai if you haven't visited @arknemesisin gaming yet, you are seriously missing out. The place has great ambience and really good milkshakes BBQ chicken- 220INR Chocolate Oreo- 150INR Total- 314( Inclusive of tax and GST ) Verdict πŸ‘©β€βš–οΈ- The place, the ambience was perfect. The pizza was quite small and did not have much chicken though it was flavoursome but cannot be shared by 2. the milkshake on the other hand was yum. Follow @chubbychennaigirl #chennai #chubbychennaigirl #arknemesis #gaming #cafe #nunghambakkam #bbqchicken #chocolateor #chocolateoreo