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Arabian Feast Reviews and Ratings - Gopalapuram, Chennai

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Shanzz

Contrary to what i had written before. Went to Arabian Feast again for having chicken  biriyani and then realised i got late to catch train. So i asked them if could make it quick and the service i got was exceptional. Special biriyani of Arabian Feast is highly recommended

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Musma Saj

Arabian feast is a Arabian restaurant with casual set up, the place is clean and tidy. At a time thirty people could be accommodated at the restaurant. Though the restaurant is a bit cramped the taste, quality and quantity of the food served there is excellent. Moreover the restaurant is located in a nice locality therefore there is no issue in locating the place. It is a halal accredited restaurant and alcohol is not served there. The restaurant is worth a visit.........


Rated 1.0 by Adnaan Farook

Ordered shawarma from here. Vommited it the next morning and got  a stomach infection. So if you want food posoning, heres your place to eat from!


Rated 1.0 by Priyanka Thilak

On deciding to have our regular weekend shawarma we ditched our usual place and chose this place thinking to add this to our regular list of hotels and I must say made a bad decision. We ordered chicken shawarma and yes we got carrot shawarma instead. There were hardly two shreds of chicken in it, the filling was only of carrot and mustard and for a price of 120 each we were downright disappointed. The shawarma spoiled our mood and appetite.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Avinash Asokan

Delivery Time : 3 / 5 Service : 3 / 5 Taste : 3.5 / 5 Quantity : 4 / 5 Price : 4 / 5 Recommended : Tandoori Chicken, Bread Halwa Not Recommended : Chicken Biryani Overall : 17.5 / 25