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Arabian Delights Reviews and Ratings - Padi, Chennai


Rated 3.0 by Ajith Rayen

Second Order, made me reduce the rating. Ordered Spl Plate Shawarma and Singapore Noodles. Singapore Noodles tasted average. They didn't include 2 kuboos for plate shawarma. I've excluded this place for any future orders.   Really liked that barbeque plate shawarma. I know it was a replacement for normal shawarma which we ordered but the taste is good. I'm not sure it is in your menu or quick recipe of ur chef but everyone liked it.


Rated 2.0 by Mr Foodie

Ordered grilled chicken tandoori chicken and tandoori rotti parcel very worst experience at all i have never eaten like that grill ..rotti is very hard..must improve the quality of the food


Rated 4.0 by Ingenious Foodie

4.0 just for their food.. they serve excellent food and in nice big quantities.. you'll never be hungry after eating.. They serve the best shawarma and grill chicken 😍😍 Ambience! ? You better get a takeaway.. one of the bad ambience I've ever been.. I always prefer takeaway.. Great food. Recommended: takeaway


Rated 3.0 by Zeba Abdur Rahman

We actually wanted to go to place right next to this one. Unfortunately it was closed. And I didn't have the energy to drive back, so we decided to try the place available right in front of us. The ambience is really not good. Tables not so clean. But I wasn't expecting super clean or amazing. Its a small place. I ordered a chicken shawarma roll and my friend ordered the mixed shawarma plate. We also called for a small Pepsi. I think the food was not worth the price. The roll itself was 75 rupees. Too much for a shawarma roll with only a few pickled beets. The mixed plate consisted of both chicken and mutton and didn't look too appealing but tasted good. I may not come back here, considering I can easily get Shawarma for 50 bucks in other places.

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Javid Farooqi

I'm sad about the fact that one of my favourite Arabian restaurant has gone bad quite lately. The menu has option to buy extra mayonnaise which they refused to give . When asked about the reason with the owner he said "The mayonnaise is made up of olive oil and it is not made less". The guy at the service goes into arguement with customers when asked for extra mayonnaise and makes faces as if I'm asking his property. Bad habits and bad service like this will bring down restaurant's once reputation down Cheers,