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Ajnabi Mithaai Ghar Reviews and Ratings - Ayanavaram, Chennai


Rated 3.0 by Zeba Abdur Rahman

After being to Egmore and Nungambakkam multiple times I had high expectations from this one. We went early in the morning and had Dokla, Kahnvi with a bottle of Amul Milk. Their Dokla is still spectacular, so is their Kanhvi. I just think they need to up their game in terms of ambiance. We packed up some Til Papad , Jelabis and Dokla. I recommend the Doklas in any Ajnabi . Best in the city!


Rated 4.0 by Kirthivasan Arul

It is definitely one of best places to rejoice North Indian sweets and savouries. I have been here several times as its walk away from my house. The pani poori is a must try, the poori that they use is more crisp and elliptical, different from the ones I have taken till date. The sweet chutney and spice water are cooled, constantly stirred in separate machines and are poured through a tap directly into the poori. A plate has six poori, you ll feel the sharp tinge hitting your throat like a bullet as you send each one down. The other items of interest are double layered corn cheese & chilly garlic toast, cheese murkku sandwich. The traditional North Indian sweets and savouries like Bhel Poori, Raj Kachori, Mirchi Bhajji, Vada Paav, Dhokla, Jalebis, Rasamalai too are must try.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Keerthana Sankar

Want to try some Authentic Gujarati snack, so tried ajnabi. Ordered Khandvi, dhokla, vadapav. Khandvi along with coriander chutney was good, dhokla was also served along with coriander chutney tastes great👍. Vada pav was hot and spicy. Ajnabi has good savouries, sweets and chats. Service is good. Staff talks in Hindi. Small shop,only few chairs available- not a sit down restaurant, better to take away.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Vijayakumar Madhavan

This Sweet cum Chat Shop is located next to old Sayani Theatre in Aynavaram in Konnur High Road. As it is an North Indian Mithai Shop the Ras Malai was at its best, extraordinary taste, we ate Vada Pav and that too was nice. Punjabi Khakhra is too good and we had Jelabi and that too was good. Over all all the items we ordered was nice and surely will visit again for their Rasgulla as they have three colours in that, one is Rose, the next is orange and the other is White, and also to taste their other chat items.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Prathiba Rajan

this place was suggested my a north indian frnd of my mum. she took me there to have chaat as she was craving for it. it rained few mins before we went. easy to locate. its a small shop selling sweets and chaats. i had pani puri my all time favorite and i basically judge a shop with pani puri. so i liked this place as pani puris lived upto my expectation. bhel puri, dahi puri, jilebi, channa chaat, vada pav was good. we parceled little to munch at home. as i mentioned earlier its a small shop. so it not convenient to sit and have food there. u can parcel it instead. vfm-3.5 quality-3.5 taste-4