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AJI-TO Reviews and Ratings - Thazhambur, Chennai

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Karthiga Prabhu

One more japanese place. After the horrible reviews this place got, I decided to check it out myself. Coz i had been here last year for my birthday. Plus I had started to crave those fried tofu and those makizushis. This rating is for the food and service. I agree they don't help u in ordering, not enthusiastically helpful as they shud be. So they lose 1.5 points coz of that n over all need for improvement in hospitality. I knew exactly what I was going to order, so the rating is for the food alone. Having already dined at few jap places I know what suits my palette. So I ordered fried tofu - yum yum yum. Very thin crispy outer covering n melt in the mouth tofu in soy sauce. With some veggie on top which adds beautiful crunch. Then chicken karage - my hubby ordered it. And downed most of it. Then salmon makizushis.....yum yum more yum. I usually eat it as is, no soy dipping or wasabi or anything. I have tried prawns...called ebi makizushis before n I liked them as well. Something Abt that sweet n salty rice n nori-seaweed combination I absolutely love. Could not get the fishy smell that's a plus. Wasabi...well it's not spicy or's a taste definitely. U shud try it, mind u very very a drop of water quantity with the roll. My husband's main for udon noodles. They made it spicy and red in color for him coz that's how he wanted it. Toppings were chicken n eggs. Shud work more on presentation though but it's not an exclusive ramen place so, can't complain. But the taste was amazing....really really amazing. A bite then drink from the bowl. Repeat till finished. πŸ˜† Since I could really not resist I took seafood okonomiyaki for takeaway. Trust me, sharing fried tofu, karage n having to down the maki rolls is enuf to get ur tummy bursting. And yes, the okonomiyakis were nice too. It's a savoury pancake. So these r tried orders which we love. Will try donburi- rice items next time n review how it was. The tastes and smell all are unlike indian cuisine n indo Chinese cuisine. I don't like miso taste n shiitake mushrooms flavor but my husband loves it. He hates raw fish taste n I quite love it. So it's an acquired taste for our taste buds which r so used to spices or our light home meals. The new manager said they will be changing many things soon. A pub or dance floor and menu changes. I don't care much for pub or dance floor, I only come for fried tofu, maki rolls n okonomiyaki.πŸ˜† And the bill for two came upto 2k which is ok coz we ordered extra okonomiyaki. Else it will be anywhere between 1k to 1500 for two. Nice experience once again.


Rated 1.0 by Sathyan Shivaram

Could be a bit difficult to spot it.​ First impression : Ample parking space ! Then as we entered the place, we were shocked that it was pretty much deserted. There were just 3 staffs. We wanted to have an authentic experience, so we decided to try the low table.  As this was our first try at Japanese cuisine, we were quite baffled on seeing the menu. And we did get very little to no assistance from the staff. We were left to fend for ourselves. We ended up ordering dishes which we at least had an inkling about or at least sounded familiar. At the end of the day, little did we know that if we had really tasted Japanese cuisine.​ Definitely not for first timers !


Rated 2.0 by Rahulchavan1271

Food was okay, but no Air-conditioning in the hotel. Service charge put was 20%. Tried salmon shushi, slices were thick. All in all very bad experience.


Rated 1.0 by Siddharth X

As anyone who eats Japanese food regularly knows, it's a taste which takes time to acquire. But once hooked, it's like a religion. Every time you go a for a meal at a Japanese restaurant, there is a sense of delicious expectation, almost a craving.  Coming to my experience, I am new to Chennai and live closer to Navallur, rather than the main city. Finding a Japanese restaurant was always going to be a challenge. So when I heard about AJI-TO, it was an answer to a heartfelt prayer.  I think the first mistake I made was ask for it to be delivered home. (The restaurant was empty). To be fair, I have ordered take-away in other cities and it has always been above average. (My home is only 2 km from the restaurant.)  I ordered a Sashimi Set, 2 Maki Rolls and a Bento Box. Where do I start with the issues?  Let''s start with the basic one: the fish. it SMELLED. Unacceptable for a Japanese restaurant and even more so, for one on the coast and with access to sea food. Then the sticky rice. Actually, it  wasn't very sticky to begin with. The Maki roll kept crumbling, every time I tried using chopsticks. It also tasted funny, till I realised there was absolutely no flavour in the rice. No vinegar, no sugar, no salt, no nothing. Just plain, yucky, sticky, tasteless rice, hurriedly clumped together. Then there was no Gari accompanying the cuisine, elementary error.  When I finally called the manager to express my outrage (more at what he had done to the cuisine than to my dinner), he told me that 'Japanese food tastes a bit different from Indian food, and not everyone likes it'. True story. For the first time ever, I threw half the food in the bin.  The truth is, Japanese food can be very tricky to make. Everything needs to be perfect: the flavours, the fragrance, the freshness of the ingredients. So you can understand when a restaurant slips up occasionally. But when a restaurant murders something beautiful, the one feels compelled to write about it. I noticed some good reviews for the restaurant earlier. I simply can't believe it. No restaurant can get it so wrong. But by all means, go there. And review it. Honestly.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Carolyn Nitya

I had been to this quaint, off the beaten path restaurant ; a few weeks ago. minuses: - No help with ordering - I was led to believe, based on former reviews that the staff were extremely helpful ; this was sadly not true. The person in charge did not help in any way when it came to selection of food. - A tad expensive- but then, which Japanese food joint in chennai isn't. - remote location - very easy to miss, and quite a few away from the city. Pluses - - Authentic - having tasted sushi outside India, can say it comes close to the real deal. -alcohol - not many restaurants ( outside of star hotels) serve alcohol, their sake was hands down fabulous. - the experience- we were the only Indian customers, in the entire restaurant!! Loved the authentic low lying tables and tiny touches of changeable indoor slippers!!! 😍😍😍 ( very Japanese) Felt like I was on a mini vacay πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Now here's the important stuff :- "the food" - California Sushi roll - delicious, the flavours spot on and did I mention? Their wasabi, is by far the best I've had 😍😍😍 - 400/- a plate Verdict - 4.5/5 - cold soba - served with egg, veggies, oyster mushrooms and soy sauce, slurpy and filling. - 400/- a bowl Verdict - 4/5 - Pan fried chicken Gyoza - a little too oily and not clumsy for my liking, but still edible. 425/- a plate Verdict - 3/5 And the best part - Japanese sake - smashingly fabulous 😍😍. it's epensive be warned like 600/- a pop( for a small shot), but really worth the moolah. Verdict - 5/5 Total damage - 2200/- Total rating - 3.5 / 5 ( minus marks, for the lack of help and interest with service not really for the food.πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•