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XU - The Leela Palace Bengaluru

Old Airport Road, Indiranagar
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XU - The Leela Palace Bengaluru Reviews and Ratings - Indiranagar, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Vedant Chokhani

Worst experience.They charged 10% service tax as an extra.Firstly they kept the prices of beer 5 times more then its actual.That was ok but they also charged 10% service tax which is not valid.Such a grand hotel hosting such big events and fooling people is not done.Will never ever visit their again


Rated 1.0 by Richa Thatoi

It was a good experience because the event was of dj CHETAS apart from that the taxes these people put on saying service tax of 10% that too on liquor (beer) !! Let me tell this very clear after GST these rates are exzempted on liquor, let it be any bar or restaurant!! So looting customers in this way is ridiculous!! These kind of big property should update there system rather then looting people.This was my first and last experience with them. I'm not going to visit this property of Bangalore again!!


Rated 1.0 by KM

Giving a single star for discrimination and zero consideration towards its guests on the Bollywood night ( DJ Chetas)hosted this saturday (August 04, 2018) at XU, Leela Palace, Bangalore. Huge footfall but no Air conditioning provided at the venue. They charged INR2500 for entry but it was extremely hot and sweaty inside the club and despite a smoking section, smokers smoked away in the middle of the crowd making it stuffy for the rest of the people trying to dance and enjoy the music. The vip area had air conditioning ON and so did one single spot right in front of the DJ console.This was very discriminatory and the management seemed unperturbed by the sorry state of affairs inside this nightclub. They just took everybody for granted and took advantage of the unassuming crowd comprising mainly of young partygoers. Many people even complained to the organisers sitting at the exit about the aircon only to be met with lame excuses such as, "AC is on but you can't feel it as there are too many people inside!" or "We'll have it looked at by the maintenance!" This was a very sad explanation given for cheating people outrightly like this. Shame on you guys!


Rated 1.0 by Sankalp Gupta

Terrible and rude staff. I went there for an event with DJ Chetas. The usual rates were marked upto 200% for drinks and foods. The staff is extremely rude and the manager is someone who deserves to be kicked out. They say the seating is 5000 per person while if people sit directly they shoo them away.


Rated 5.0 by Preeti Saha

With immense pleasure and awesome tym with 1700 + ppl ... I actually felt I was at a concert and not any club ...being in events I would not even term it as mini concert it was full on awesome concern feel n specially no compromise on crowd , hospitality in any ways . Here I would like to give special thanks to the management XU - The Leela Palace Alam Ehti Syed Haris Ali Avi Nash really happy 🙂 and all the event guys here Sahil Yadav Sharath Raul Debdas Guha Vikas Nethi Nikhil Mehta Jayasimha Sai nd everyone associated with it ! Rahul Panwar n Philip George amazing management trust me ❤️❤️❤️@ Dj Chetas u rocked like always 💞💞