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Wok & Grill Reviews and Ratings - Electronic City, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Soujanya

Really sad about the order 1. I received the order half an hour late but that is still okay 2. Chapatis are really bad. Was so hard to eat, please don’t go for chapatis 3. Chicken manchurian was so spicy, I had to just throw it. Special instructions I told them less or medium spice but they have added extra spice for the food. Ordered 2 items and it was worse. Unfortunately there is nothing less than zero.


Rated 2.5 by Akshay Rai

Ordered a bunch of things from here and it turned out to be a mixed bag. We ordered three rolls - Peri Peri, Doner Kabab and Chicken all of which were just about okay, and that s the best part. The starters, Quail fry and kabab were edible and the AlFaham was a disaster as the overgrilled parts got powdered which gave a taste of having chicken with sand. Rates are okay. One word: Skippable.


Rated 5.0 by Joe Ashton

I'm not sure how long will you serve your customers with your quality food. But I got to truly say that you guys have earned all sorts of appreciation from me for the food that you did provide. Value for Money is hard to confront nowadays and you people should be earning customers with just the simplicity of the service & rich food that you provide for the set prices. I've never been this much happier quite often after ordering food online. After my 2nd consecutive order my ratings are Dragon Chicken - 5/5 stars Butter Chicken - 5/5 stars Egg Fried Rice - 4/5 stars Jeera Rice - 5/5 stars (Heavenly soft rice) Chicken Biryani - 3/5 stars (Heavy spicy Masala clumps) Paratha - 4/5 stars Chapati - 4/5 stars (use a tad lesser oil) Sorry, I couldn't post the pictures. You've earned another regular customer to your place. Guys like you are hard to come by. Cheers to the great cook, your team & the delivery person as well for providing me the great experience.


Rated 5.0 by Vipin Thomas Thomas

Great Taste. Charcoal shavarma is a special. Grilled items is the special. Great Taste . Once visited definitely will come for the next time.