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WelcomCafe Jacaranda - WelcomHotel Bengaluru

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Richmond Road, Central Bangalore
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WelcomCafe Jacaranda - WelcomHotel Bengaluru Reviews and Ratings - Central Bangalore, Bengaluru


Rated 2.0 by Kirthana Kripash

Had a pretty disappointing experience at the restaurant. I came in just before the start of the dinner service/buffet and was the only customer. I ordered a club sandwich and a smoothie. Despite being the only person there, it took over 20 minutes for a very lackluster smoothie and about 45 minutes for my sandwich to arrive at the table. I made repeated reminders to the waiters that I had to leave soon, and this when I could find one. There was literally no one in the restaurant, and when one walked by I got the feeling that they were distracted by something that was going terrible wrong outside. In hindsight, I should have left. Given that it took so long, I was expecting something that was just off the grill, hot and fresh, but that club sandwich was among the worst I've had. It had been sitting somewhere long enough that the bread was both soggy and leathery, the grilled peppers were nauseatingly cold (like something partially defrosted in a microwave), and the chicken and bacon cold and overcooked. Thankfully, there were no fries; but instead there was an unappetizing, undressed side of cucumber and some tomatoes of dubious quality. As you can tell, I'm still annoyed. If the kitchen was setting up for dinner and could not cater to one lone customer, then they should communicate that to the customer. Not have me wait for 45 minutes for some terrible food and terrible service. Overall, very disappointed.


Rated 4.0 by Mohamed Owais Adam ( The Food Adventure Blog)

"You have not fully explored a place unless you've eaten the local food".  Karnataka is known for unmatched gastronomy. It is one of the oldest surviving cuisines and traces its origin to the Iron Age. The varieties in typical Kannadiga Oota has influenced Chefs across India. ITC Group's WelcomHotel Bengaluru has an Uttra Karnataka Food Festival till the 29th of July. It’s extensive, exclusive and exceptional menu was specially curated by Award Wining Chef Shri Bala. The intricate and sophisticated Culinary masterpieces reflect her pure class and timeless expertise. It was a celebration of the traditional and rich Essence of flavors the State offers. Mocktail drinks were splendid and refreshing. Starters were fantastic and really appetizing with impeccable quality seasoned ingredients. Though I'm not a big fan of Rasam, I truly relished the Pinapple Rasam which was unique and excites the palate. A remarkable vegetarian dish that deserves a special mention is the Dill Vada which was crispy, delicious and melts in the mouth. The Clams were phenomenal. Marinated well in an incredibly juicy and piquant masala, with an outburst of flavors. My favorite dish. Highly recommended. Karwar fish curry was Outstanding. Perfectly done with the right taste and texture of what a quintessential South Indian Gravy consists of. Bhatkal Biryani was brilliant. Aromatic rice with succulent pieces of chicken in subtle spices. The Badanekai Yennegayi Palya or eggplant (brinjal) chutney was extraordinary. Blend/ mix of different savory, spicy and tangy tastes. One of the best Ive eaten that can create midnight cravings. The other excellent authentic delicacies which were a pleasure to indulge in included Jhunka Vadi and Girmit Mandakki. Khus Khus Payasam for dessert was a delightful culmination to a superb meal. Creamy, well balanced sweetness providing heavenly bliss. Spectacular designer lights, elegant flooring, impressive wallpapers and beautiful paintings constitute an amazing interior decor. Exquisite choice of furniture paired with comfortable sofas give the ambience gives a Posh and Luxury feel. Marvellous buffet spread, nice wooden panels and fabulous artefacts adds to the attractive look. An exuberant atmosphere spreading happy vibes. Service is exemplary. Staff is courteous, quick, efficient, attentive, knowledgeable and well trained. Waiters go out of the way to make the guest feel special and serve with a smile. The commendable hospitality by General Manager Mr Kuldeep Dhawan and Executive Chef Mr Dhawal Ajmera made it a top notch fine dining experience. Valet Parking Available. Reservation Recommended. To sum it all up in one sentence it was Overall indeed a tantalizing treat, a fantastic feat and a wonderful afternoon that will be etched in my memory for a long time.


Rated 4.0 by Sahana Murthy

This was my first time that I tried typical Andhra brahmin meal curated by sumithra aunty. The chef had done a very good job on maintaining the authenticity of Andhra cuisine. The buffet spread was good and every dish was top notch. The service was good and the food did not disappoint me in any way. *Pesarattu with 3 types of chutney: Loved the chutneys because it was prepared by hand and not in the grinder. Pesarattu was crispy and soft. It had the beautiful colour which made me go for second serving. *Puliyodhara: The authentic brahmin house special puliyogre which was not spicy because the chef kept all the customers in mind and then prepared it. No taste was compromised and it was highly flavourful. *Side dishes: Bajji, papads, Rasam and rice, palak pappu everything was super fresh and soothing. Bajji was crispy, Rasam and rice with ghee was super tasty. Palak pappu was flavourful. I also tried the other buffers spread which contained continenetal and oriental cuisines. Loved the chicken biriyani, Fish in Chinese sauce, potato starter as well. In desserts we tried the super succulent brownie which was sooo good that I couldn't stop eating. Tiramisu was good. The buttermilk was refreshing. No complaints regarding the taste and service. Ambience in ITC hotels are always welcoming. One must experience the dining here.


Rated 4.0 by Phenomenal World

The Andhra Brahmin sfestival run by Jacaranda by the wonderchef Sumitra took me back to the days of eating authentic meals from friends' house when I was in Hyderabad. I have never been a fan of eating Andhra specialities in hotels but how can I resist this spread?. What we ate? Cabbage Vada with a spicy coconut thick chutney - A good start. If it's Gatti chutney, then all is right Pulihara (Tamarind Rice) - Some puliharas leave you feeling sour (literally) but this hooks you and makes you go for a second helping. Brilliant flavors. Not overly spiced. Bendakayi Koora (Okra fry) - Not a huge fan of okra. This was passable. Chikada Dumpa Pulusu (Sweet Potato gravy) - I generally don't like the taste of sweet potato but this curry had me going back for more. Tangy with a great balance of sweet and sour. Vankalya Koora (Brinjal Fry) - Beautifully cooked and spiced Menthikoora Pappu (Methi Dal) - I love dal of any kind and when its cooked perfectly in the Andhra style, you cant eat just once Avakayi pickle - Give me this anytime with anything Cucumber Chutney - Spicy and went well with the plain rice Rasam - My mom takes her rasam very seriously. If she liked this then it rates among the best of them. Best part is my kid had it too ! Such was the taste that I did not have eyes for any of the other lavish spread out there and and and I did not even look at the meats !! 🤗 Good conversations with great people leave you feeling satisfied both in the soul and the tummy ! Thank you for a great time !


Rated 4.0 by Vishal Bharadwaj [The Gourmet Tales]

There is a new ITC venture in town Welcom Hotel. I was here the other to try their new Andhra menu curated by the amazing Miss Sumitra Kalapatapu. The welcome was warm as usual which is a trademark of the ITC hotels. The Ambiance was classy and totally deserves a star rating unlike most other hotels in the vicinity. The Staff very extremely courteous and the service was quick as well. Out of the entire buffet spread I loved a quite a lot of things to be honest. In the Andhra section which was a limited menu for a limited time actually I loved the following, 🔸Mirchi Bajjis- Extremely well made with each Bajji menasinkayi was picked very well. I actually had 5 of it. It was that good. 🔸Pulihara- Chef Sumitra Aunty's special recipe did wonders. Tastes almost like the Puliyogare but different after taste. 🔸Annapakaya Koora- Ah! This was something I loved a lot. Unique taste. 🔸Palakoora Pappu and Kakarakaya Pulusu- Amazing accompaniments with rice. Pure Andhra style. 🔸Pesarattu- It was soft and it was served with 3 chutneys. I have had better but this was a very good attempt. Among the Regular Buffet spread, 🔸 Paneer Kurma and Kulcha- Extremely well made. Perfect Marination for the Paneer. 🔸 The Brownie, Tres Leeches cake, the Indian sweets, Mango Panacotta and the carrot cake were my favourites among the Desserts. 🔸Fruit punch Lassi and Masala Chaas were the best beverages. Overall an interesting experience and the best so far when it comes to Andhra food in Bangalore. I would give full credits to Chef Sumitra madam for giving us such an authentic experience when it comes to Andhra cuisine. Moderately priced at 1200/- I would say Jacaranda is a go. Do try their Midnight menu as well. 🔺Ambiance: 4.5/5 🔺Food& Beverages: 4/5 🔺Service&Staff: 4.5/5 🔺Value for money: 4/5