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Vembanad - The Paul

Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur
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Vembanad - The Paul Reviews and Ratings - Domlur, Bengaluru


Rated 4.0 by Shan Shajiram

Vembanad is one place I had the best Kerala style food ...All service boys were dressed in a traditional attire and had given us an excellent experience. We tried the Erachi ularthiyathu, fish curry , Appam & Sea food pizza. They also have a brewpub next to this restaurant . Altogether we had a great time ....


Rated 4.0 by Rajitha Lal

I decided to visit this place because I heard a lot about their food from my friends. Yes.. visiting this place is a must if you love Kerala food. Their best dish is kappa and fish curry... finger licking combination.. loved the appam served to us, crab curry is another awesome dish. A second visit is a must 😀


Rated 5.0 by Syed Pasha

Been to this place last weekend for lunch. Enjoyed the food. Ambience is really nice with good service. Would surely recommend this place if you are looking for authentic Kerala flavours.


Rated 4.0 by Shreeram Kushwaha(@pom.fret)

Vembanand's "Kalu Shaap" is my favourite of all festivals they run. Its a glimpse of rural kerala at its best coz nothing comes close to the authenticity they maintain at bringing the falvours from Kerala right here in the city. And this time they made sure even the place look as authentic as theird food, hence the extra mile. The servers are sweet, informative and very polite. Most of what we ate was recommended by the staff and manager who was very approachable. We asked for couple of items to be altered to our palette, like lowering the oil in one and spice in another which they happily did , without affecting the taste of food. So yes, that was impressive. Chemmeen kizhi is a great snack, that and couple of beers to get things starting. Chemmen vattichathu was a beauty, that and kerala paratha went superb. Ofcourse I just had to try the appam and chicken stew which was ethereal combo. Tapioca with kalu shaap fish curry was perfecto, both compliemnted greatly with each other. Loved the kalu shaap chickn curry with red rice of course. The payasam was too good, it had cocunut in it and not very sweet.


Rated 4.0 by Srabani Patra (@wavesncurves)

After a dinner here last week, I have been craving to visit Kerala ever since.  Extensively transformed to a local toddy shop, imitating the decor, the vibe, the glasses, music and most importantly food. A feel good kind of place. That stays low key. And when I say authentic, I mean close to 4.7/5 authentic in terms of food.  From their ongoing festival "kalu shaap" which even after extending to satiate cravings of people like me that liked to come back to the same food more than once, it sady ended last week. We tried couple of items and I wish i could nitpick atleast one or two faults , but no Im throughouly bowled over. SO I am listing out everything I had so you guys can go give it a try.  Chemmeen kizhi,  chemmeen vattichathu,  appam, paratha,  kappa udachathu which is tapioca,  kallu shaap fish curry,  kallu shaap chicken curry. Payasam in the end. In starters, one of the item is authentically prepared with loads of coconut oil and we asked them to lessen it which they did and it was tremendous good.  I know for people outside the south everything sounds confusing so ask them for the recommendations and enjoy the evening. A beer fro their murphy outlet would seal the deal :)