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UTHRA Reviews and Ratings - Indiranagar, Bengaluru


Rated 4.0 by Nidhi Tiwari

Food was quite okay price is too high Panipuri shots is waste of money ambience is okayish Add more items in the menu Good luck Long way to go


Rated 3.0 by Gaurav Puri

Choor choor naan combo was amazing.Naan was very crispy.Chole could have been better. Ambience was nice.Honey chilli potato was delicious. I would suggest this place for peace lovers.


Rated 1.0 by Sjpraveenkumar1

This is one of those experiences that would discourage any one to stop eating outside. Horrible food and wonder what they are trying to achieve in running such an eatery. Horrible is not a word that is good enough to describe the food and experience. I would urge no one to waste money and time visiting this place.


Rated 3.0 by Vidya S

Located on CMH road, above and part of Asha sweets, Uthra offers a variety of vegetarian cuisine from chaats to Chinese to pizza to kulfi. I decided to lunch here for this month’s review.  I opted mostly for snacks and desserts. First off was the pani puri shots– this was served on a little cart with three types of water. The regular mint water, some kind of sherbet and mango water.  I have to say, some things are best not to be tampered with. It’s like eating idli with vanilla ice-cream. The mint water was awesome and I ordered more to just drink that. The other combos were awful. Best to give that a miss and stick to what goes best with panipuri..good ol’ mint water. Then I ordered the chef special dahi puri. This too was presented on a cart with fancy carrot flowers and herb decorations.  This was very tasty and the puri is unlike anything I’ve tasted…all crisp and crumbly. This gets thumbs up. Next was the Gobi Manchurian. Was okayish. Not very different from what you get elsewhere.  I had the kulfi platter for dessert.  Badam kulfi was good. Mango was not. Wish they served the kulfi as blocks than on sticks because it was a messy affair. I had the chilli cheese sandwich for takeaway!. Please avoid this. What was the chef thinking??? It was filled some weird Manchurian kind of sauce with onions etc…very unlike any chilli cheese sandwich I’ve had and I’ve had quite a few in my time and have always loved it!  This, I couldn’t eat beyond a few bites. Place is clean, calm and there weren’t many people when I went. Great to sit and ponder over things. The tables are lined with paper which has mazes and crosswords for kids or the kid in you. Service was good but could be better in terms of suggestions. I must give them credit for presentation.  It is really quirky. Even the bill and mouth fresheners were presented in cute lil buckets. Prices are..well pricey! Chaats are like multiplex prices but good quality though seriously not a place for regular visits. Overall it’s worth a visit once or twice.  Would I go again? Yes to try some of their other snacks.  Will I go regularly? Nope. Overall rating 3/5 Ratings for reviews: 1 – No! No! No! 2- Just about average. 3 –Good. Can give it a try. 4- Great!! 5 – Yes! Yes! Yes! And I’ll tell all about it.


Rated 3.0 by Jacintha Anthony

The waiters are courteous but slow. They do not understand the local Language " Kannada", which is a must in Bangalore.  Ambiance is good and is a pleasant place for a evening snack.  :) Requires more improvement service wise to be on Par with the other places on CMH Road.   There is no Parking facility. :(