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Shanti Nagar
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ThrowBack - Pub & Dine -Confident Hotel Reviews and Ratings - Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Mohammed Affan

Went with a couple of friends, the offer was 10rs a beer which was a great deal, beer was good. The disappointment was the food. Below average food. And had to wait a whole 50 minutes for it.. when argued saying about it, the steward asked me to cancel it.. the manager was really polite but the staff was very arrogant.


Rated 1.0 by Varun Kumar

Worst ever place!!! Néver step in here. Had been on 14 August 2018 that is yesterday night here for the first time as they had the attached offer one bug beer @10rs with just 3 words T&C. Now coming back to experience. We walked in at 9 clock came all the way from the other part of city. 1. Before leaving from office we rang up and asked them till what time you serve this offer and was told till 12.30am. 2.No bartender to collect order when checked in the bar counter was told that they would come. However entire 2wasteful hours spent I never saw anyone coming to table outside. 3. OFFER IS OVER@10pm!!! we had one mug which we collected walking to bar counter and when asked for second was told OFFER IS OVER!!! 4.Stupid and arrogant staff behaviour - when we told the guy that we have enquired on call with Zomato provided restaurant number and told that offer is till whole day how can you say offer is till 10 pm he says it is under T&C. 5.Fraud Management need to be SUED - we were told by the staff that 10pm offer lasts as per T&C. So even there is a attachment of Zomato. As per govt rules you need to clearly mention what is T&C in public site. 6. Ignorance by staff when asked about T&C - when we told that no where in public site we had seen your details on T&C the person is not at all looking at your face and ignoring. Verdict - Handful of customer crowd they couldn't manage the staffing, fraudulent offers, Impolite staffs. Dont dare to even think about walking in here next time.


Rated 1.0 by Siddhanth Sarkar

This place has the most ill mannered set of staff I have ever come across. Starting from the manager to the waiters all of whom gives a really bad experience. On top of which, the overall price of food and alcohol is so high that we literally had to leave in the middle of our evening and search for another place.


Rated 4.0 by Rounak Singh

Situated in Hosur Main Road, 5th Floor of Confident Hotel. This is a Retro Pub with very decent seating arrangement. They also have outdoor seating. We went last Sunday, they were screening World Cup Final, so we decided to sit inside. The service is very good and the staffs are polite and well trained.  We ordered 1 Red Bull, 4 Budweiser Beer [shown 2 in the bill because i am having Zomato Gold], 1 Crispy Chilli Baby Corn,1 French Fry, 1 Chicken Manchurian, and 1 Hookah of mixed flavours.  * Red Bull and Budweiser Beer : Both were chilled.  * Crispy Chilli Baby Corn &French Fry : The Baby Corn was neither crispy nor it had any flavours of chilly. We asked them to change it , the chef tossed it with some sauce but even after changing it was nowhere close to being Crispy and Chilly. So unfortunately we had to return it. The waiter was very kind to return it. In replacement, we ordered French Fries. They were hot and crisp and the quantity was also good. * Chicken Manchurian : This was best among all. The Manchurian was soft and juicy, The chicken pieces were of good size and the quantity was also good.  * Hookah : We had a Hookah with a mix of 2 flavours (Mint and Orange). The Hookah base was very eye pleasing, though there was no proper smoke coming out, so we asked them to changed it. After changing, they gave us even more beautiful Hookah base. The flavours were good and same was the hookah. Though it could have been better.  ***** Recommendation to Others ***** Chicken Manchurian is a must try.  ***** Recommendation to the Manager ***** Try improving Crispy Chilli Baby Corn. We had to return it back because it was neither Crispy nor Chilly even after changing it once.  The service in here is very good. The cost is also not heavy on the pocket. The ambience is also amazing. *** Rating *** * Ambience & Seating Arrangement : 4/5 * Food : 3.5/5 * Service : 5/5 * Value for Money : 4.5/5 ** Overall Rating : 4/5 I would definitely visit this place again. #HappyEating Thank You for having us Throwback


Rated 1.0 by Tarun Dude

The place was empty. Service was bad. The food was okish you can say. At first they were about to serve us beer at room temperature. Do not think it's worth the money