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Central Bangalore
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The Brooklyn Tap Reviews and Ratings - Central Bangalore, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Roger Smith

Attended the new year party here. Such a horrible way to bring in the new year . It was packed to the rafters, because of these unscrupulous event managers. It was a big struggle to get a drink. Left after a beer. Still not got my refund !


Rated 1.0 by Venkat Banu0101

Fraud. Four twenty hotel. We went to the worst hotel 31st. Ticket rate is 3500. We did not get one drop water also. All Our 31st enjoy ment spoiled .The hotel fraud mental dogs wasted our time and money


Rated 1.0 by Surjiv Krishna

Sucks the whole place sucks ruined new year for everyone by closing it by 11:30 idiots couldn't handle the crowd gave too many tickets no space to stand unorganised event and a stinky place WHEN WILL REFUND BE PROVIDED TILL NOW NO CALL FROM ORGANISERS


Rated 2.0 by Oorvi Umesh

Cafe mojo has been replaced by Brooklyn tap. The place was empty when we went. Their staff is average and the food was old stocked. The nachos we got were old and really hard to bite on. Paneer also was old. The ambience is the same as it was with mojo but the smoking zone is a little different. Found it expensive. And the offers didn't really make any sense.


Rated 5.0 by Suhas Unni

I am a bangalorean. I lived all my life here. I have no idea what went wrong on the new years eve. Nevertheless, this place is just perfect. Waiters are polite. Music is perfect with the right amount of volume as required in a pub. And also the dim lights make it better and definitely addes a very British ambience. Its worth a visit if you like the idea of pubbing ( if you know the meaning). People need to educate themselves about pub culture before migrating to the city. How I wish I see the good old Bangalore soon.