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The Brewing Bean Reviews and Ratings - Bellandur, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Aditi Daswani

Looked like a nice place. It is overpriced.The menu said coffee comes with cookies. Well, the cookies dint come. Explanation being..stock is over, which we were not informed about. And then we were asked if oreo biscuits would do. Not going ever again!


Rated 4.0 by Anjana Chandran

I love this place. The food is yummy and is reasonably priced. I loved the lasagna, the pizza, the garlic bread was just perfect. Would love to visit again.


Rated 4.0 by Anusha Mehta

We went for lunch on a Friday and place was full.Ordered mushroom bruschetta as starter followed by veg lasagne and pesto pasta. The bruschetta was lovely,mild and flavorful. The lasagne was one of the best I have had in Bangalore with oodles of cheese and loads of veggies. The pasta was also gorgeous. However we visited a couple of weeks later and I ordered a paneer sandwich which was quite sad and bland. The other setback is they take a lot of time to serve.


Rated 1.0 by Neethi Alexander

I had fish steak the other day. Got food poisoning along with fever after having food here. I had to be taken to hospital after eating here. Fish was not fresh


Rated 3.0 by Debolina Majumdar

So this is the brand new addition to the very crowded food bay area of the pritech park and much to the relief of many like us who would prefer a continental ( light eat ) over any indian based curry and rice for lunch . Irrespective of numerous cafes which is already running in its vicinity this cafe is undoubtedly the coolest among them all . [FOOD] : Everything said and done the food has to be the most important part of any eatery and even though the menu as well its quality has tried to pull at its best, it does fail to please in few places. The food comprises mainly that of the continental cuisines of burgers, pizzas , pastas and steaks . The fish steak to me seemed to me more interesting than the chicken steak . The chicken steak had interesting flavours but the only complain remains that the chicken was overcooked resulting it to be very chewy and the par boiled veggies which are supposedly sauted were very very hard ( espcially the beans ) . The major part of the menu comprises of coffee / tea variants and elsewise which gives quiet an interesting mix to choose from . No new experimentation but good and worth enough for a visit . Food rating would be 3.5/5 [SERVICE] : Now this is the section where they win over anybody and treat each one of their customers with enough warmth making you go back to this cozy place . I happen to visit on a friday afternoon which was oozing with people yet would not let you wait for more than 15mins . They tend to usually take the orders during the waiting time hence saving on the order delivery time which looked to me as a major plus. Service ratings would be 4/5 [VALUE FOR MONEY] : The ambiance is way far good for a cafe in the bay to start with its minimal and rustic look like furnishings . Cost of two does not hurt much on the pocket and would preferably pull on randomly anytime to this place. Value for money would be 3.5/5. So as i said initially this place is a must visit for anybody around this vicinity and also elsewise and would love to go back and try more on their other delicacies. Arvind Yadav