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Tella Tales

Koramangala 5th Block, Koramangala
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Tella Tales Reviews and Ratings - Koramangala, Bengaluru


Rated 4.0 by Manasa B

A perfect place for dessert and Nutella lovers ❤️😍 infact, even if you don't like Nutella, you'll fall in love with it 😍 Visited this place with my siblings and enjoyed every dish we ordered..!! Don't miss on these things when you visit - * Tella berry wrap * Tella exotic wrap * Tella chocolate pancake * Tella sushi Oh sooo yumm and equally price worthy 😍 nothing was overwhelmingly sweet...!! Just the perfect level of sweetness for dessert...!! Sushi was very different from the typical sticky rice sushi, berry wrap did contain varieties of berries and not just one...!! And well the pancakes, top notch 😍 perfect sponginess, yummy syrup and cherry on top❤️ The seating area was one of the hiccups when I visited...!! It seemed to be less for the number of customers who visit the place..!! None the less, foodies are ready to wait for such a feast isn't it 😋😋


Rated 4.0 by Jatin Kocherlakota

Service was a little slow. But they were pretty full. So maybe it's because of that. But the pancakes and the ice cream was great. The desserts are definitely worth a try. The savory and mains on the other hand are just okay.


Rated 4.0 by Priyanshi Jain

Location,ambience was good. White interiors were refreshing. Friendly staff & decently priced. Service is bit slow I went with few of my friends, we ordered: baby corn sticks: which was loaded with spices & was served with Mayo dip, taste was good loaded nachos: which became soggy due to the topping & taste was little bland, KitKat cookie shake : it was awesome with perfect quantity of sweet flavour Berry Shake: Predominantly it was having strawberry flavour, taste was ok, should try if u love strawberry shake Arabiata spaghetti pasta: which was served with garlic bread, taste was not good, it was not spicy seasoning on pasta was less will prefer not to order it again, then came Tella berry Pancake: which was the show stopper & compensated for all other items served earlier, it was delicious loaded with lots of nutella n berries, texture was perfect neither too soft nor too hard to chew, flavour of the pancake were amazing, fresh berries were giving a tangy flavour while nutella & d syrup helps to intact the sweetness of the pancake. It gave a refreshing flavor to the taste buds. It's a must try thing.


Rated 2.0 by Gautam Sharma

Not in zomato gold. So that's a bummer. Tried the cheese Garlic bread. Was soggy, not crisp. Cheese was good though. Prawns we're well done. However, stale. Butterscotch Ice cream with roasted almonds and caramel sauce was okayish. Couldn't finish it. Didn't feel like a stoned ice icream. Turn off: waiter said they don't serve regular water. Per instruction of the owner.


Rated 3.0 by Sahana Gt

Complete white decor...usually crowded ...tried the chocolate pancakes ..the quantity was worth the price....tasted good ..nutella and nuts(which were lots )...would prefer few more strawberry (tasted a bit dry)