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Sri Venkateshwara Bhavan Reviews and Ratings - Malleswaram, Bengaluru

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Amogha J (Life Of Taste Buds)

Honest to GOD, for this price tag, this is one of the best hotels that I have ever been. I started going to this hotel as it was very near to my work location and I have tried almost everything (except all sweets). Let me first tell you about the ambiance. This place will always be clean and tidy and there is seating arrangements as well. It is very next to the new BJP office, so at times there will be some noise. Let me take you through the eclectic dishes. Tatte Idly and Vada (?30 for single Idly and Vada) - Let me cut to the chase, this could possibly be on of the best Idly that I have eaten. Please try it with the red chutney. Poori (?30 for 3 poories) - The size of each poori is very big and you will be filled. The saagu served will change on daily basis, but if you are lucky enough you would get a saagu made of soya chunks which is savory and mouth watering. A few honorable mentions: Shaavige, Mangalore buns, Upma, Rave Idly, Pongal and Bisi-belebath. They serve lunch from 12PM, menu includes 2 types of veg palya, 2 small poories, rice, sambaar, rasam, paysa and cup of butter milk. So I can say that ?45 is absolutely worthy. This place also serves chats and chinese dishes after 4PM. Must try chats are Bhel-puri and Masala-puri. Bhel is one of my favorites here. It has its own essence to it which you don't get anywhere else. This place also takes bulk order for sweets during the festive season. The sweets here are very delicious. Jamoon, Rasmalai and Kaaju barfi are my personal favorites. Carrot milk shake and the watermelon juice they provide tastes just like the holy nectar brought straight from Vaikunta. I started drinking carrot milkshake in other places after trying here, but I didn't get the same taste. Last but not the least, you cannot leave this place without having a cup of coffee. The bottom line is, this is one of the finest hotel where you get delectable dishes with reasonable price tag.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Navneeth Thimmappa (Life On Plates)

A newly opened joint which serves varieties of dishes. Breakfast items from morning till afternoon, snacks from evening till close. A wide range of condiments and sweets to choose from. Breakfast menu usually contains South Indian varieties, Idli-Vade, Dosa and few more to name. Snack menu is filled with Chinese starter & rices and street food. We have been here many times before, and this time was for breakfast. We ordered Idli-Vade, Chow-Chow Bath, Palav and finished it off with Coffee. Dishes are good, nothing great. Condiments where they excel, amazing taste and varieties. We'll be back for more condiments!

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Snehith Solanki

Their lipsmacking disas are a must try the brown roast if the dosas will make u drool also the rice which is served with a spicy chutney .. ....a propped place for south Indian food