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Salvadores Reviews and Ratings - Bangalore Central Mall,


Rated 5.0 by Michelle

Chanced upon this gem of a restaurant recently and have already been here twice! It is situated on the fifth floor of the Central at McGrath Road, Bengaluru. It's relatively new with an all continental menu and a good wine list. They've yet to receive a bar licence all those of you who like your beer and spirits would be well advised to have your drink before you head out to dine here! Salvadores has an amazing terrace seating that has a great view of a bit of Central Bangalore. It is quiet and makes an ideal place for a nice dinner with loved ones. The staff is courteous and helpful and the Maitre d' is quite knowledgeable about the food and wines. The food was well made, delightfully plated and tasty! I recommed the Herb infused tenderloin steak, the Grilled Chimmichuri fish steak and the Moroccan roast chicken. Having a major sweet tooth I just loved the desserts especially the White chocolate passion fruit mousse and the chocolate rum tart! Will most certainly be going back the third time and more...& yes...they play all my favourite kind of music from the sixties and seventies 💕


Rated 5.0 by Akshay Panth

Salvadores on the 5th at Central Mall. An ambiance that is crisp, clean, and certainly elegant old world dining. Add a team of mature stewards, with silver service experience, and matched with a warm friendly attitude. Wholesome tasty , no nonsense cuisine, which rarely strays from their original recipes and taste..certainly not for patrons seeking an Indian flavor in its presentation.Music that takes you back to another time and place.Finally a view and atmosphere that awakens you to the fact( all too soon) that its time to go home. I will not just keep coming back, but would spend more time here in the company of close friends, family, and by myself. Well done!


Rated 4.0 by Suprotik Das

My team from work and I waltzed into Salvadores on a rainy Thursday night to bid adieu to one of our colleagues who was moving onto greener pastures. Salvadores was one of our first picks due to the location, ambience and positive reviews we had heard. Let’s get into the specifics: 1. Ambience: The interiors evoked a special sight, a cross between a brassiere at the Avenue des Champs-Élysées at Paris and a steakhouse on 6th Avenue, New York. The lighting was just about right, the brown wooden flooring contrasted well with the green curtains and the sprawling bar added a modern touch. On a good day, Salvadores will be full of people and it would be difficult to get a seat (and probably move around, given that they have a number of tables dotted around the place). We were a large group and naturally, due to the August showers in Bangalore, we decided to sit outside and soak in the night’s breeze. 2. Alcohol: Only wine is served here, so those of you who prefer a stiff whiskey, or a classic cocktail, it would be advisable to get some in before coming by here. An elderly, experienced gentleman helped us with wine and food pairings; we settled for a young, slightly fruity and dry Cabernet Sauvignon and ordered three bottles. The wine was excellent and it helped warm us up while we muddled in conversation amidst the cold breeze. 3. Food: I started with the salade niçoise, which was delicious. For mains, I ordered the grilled pork chop. There was a good taste of the cider-raisin sauce and it went well with the sweet potato and the legumes. However, the pork was slightly dry on the inside and was a bit tough to cut. The Moroccan Grilled Chicken and the Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Breast were moist on the inside and had excellent flavours; the chicken had really absorbed the flavour of the sauces. For dessert, the White Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse was a delicate mix of flavours, with the passion fruit slightly overpowering the white chocolate - this depends on your palate preference. The chocolate rum tart had a classic and familiar taste, no complaints there!  Parting thoughts: I would recommend you to try Salvadores for yourself and pick out your favourite items and then continue to come back for them. It's perfect for a quiet sit-down dinner with a loved one and perhaps, if one is passing by MG Road and wishes to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee and watch the rain pass by.


Rated 3.0 by Puneet Gupta

A very well designed, upscale and cosy looking new restaurant on the terrace and a beautiful view of the city. the waiters are polite and there are senior attendants are really caring and attentive. Full marks for these. However the food is the real issue. Its not bad. But its not good either. Slightly bland and in quite average. Does not do justice to the stylish ambience and staff.


Rated 5.0 by Deepa Raj

This was one of the pleasant dining experiences I’ve had. The staff here were very courteous and smiling, right from the security guard. They make you feel like the royals. The food was delicious as well. We were given a basket of bakes, bread sticks was amazing and unusually crispy. It tasted like it was made freshly for us. We had cream of broccoli soup, must say it’s the best one I’ve had. Since I wanted to eat vegetarian food, I tried penne pasta with red sauce. There is nothing much to say about pasta since it tastes similar in all the places, but I wish there was more of veggies in it. The other dish we ordered was Morrocon roast chicken , though on a spicier side it was delicious with the perfect portion size. We tried Trifle pudding in desert which was also very good. The view from the 5th floor is spectacular. The pricing of the food is also reasonable and worth it. The ambience is calm and peaceful. The duty manager took time to show us the pics of erstwhile Hotel Victoria and shared his few experiences as we were walking out of the restaurant. Finally yes, I’m definitely going there again.