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Sahn Reviews and Ratings - Indiranagar, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Rohini Datta

The seating is extremely uncomfortable, consisting of high sofas and low tables. They don't serve beer by the pitcher which is strange considering the fact that they are a part of Bootlegger (which does). We ordered the calamari- which wasn't fresh, had no taste and had a thick coat of batter. Not worth it.


Rated 4.0 by Lord Of Good Food

Went to Sahn for a late dinner and hookah session on Friday night. Ambience: It's within Bootlegger on the second floor and has both indoor and outdoor seating. Dimly lit with nice comfortable chairs and sofas and good music in the background. The negative is the over chilled air conditioning which makes smoking hookah a task inside. Food: we ordered Fries with cheese, fish fingers, veg penne Alfredo pasta and grilled chicken pizza. The fries and fish fingers were really delicious. The pizza would have been awesome but the chef put too much cheese. The pasta was average and again with too much cheese. And this is coming from a cheese lover. Hookah: Ordered a pan rasna vanilla combo and it was perfect. In fact I don't care if the rest of the food or drinks will be good or not. I'm definitely going again and hope to sit outside next time with a pitcher of beer and hookah. All in all a good hang out place as it serves booze as well. P.S. no pictures as it was very dimly lit inside and the flash would not have done justice to the food pics.