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Puro Gusto Reviews and Ratings - Devara Beesana Halli, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Karan Banthia

I tried cappuccino with Brazil beans at its Airport outlet and it was not good. Being a coffee lover for past 4 years I thought it will taste good with its honey flavored description but it did not. Even though it is so expensive, they don't serve with latte art.


Rated 4.0 by Rupesh

Nice one. Good taste of all products. Service is nice. Range is good. Coffee I found best after star bucks. Lovely place. Must visit at airport.


Rated 2.0 by FoodforThought!!

Being quite fond of Italian food drew me to this place. Located inside Ecoworld it is flocked by surrounding office goers. The ambience is spot on and give you a quite welcoming feeling. But man the food was terrible or atleast the one we went for was. Mushroom corn pizza was ok, however the rest were worth not mentioning.We went for grilled chicken steak, chicken parmisian and grilled cottage cheese steak. All of them were really bland and the vegetable were as raw as it can be. The chicken were dry and tasted more boiled than grilled. Noway going back or recommending.


Rated 3.0 by Ashutosh Mehndiratta

Puro Gusto has the ideal location in one of the most modern and best designed Business Parks (RMZ Ecoworld). The interiors are on par with any upmarket Deli or Cafe in a developed country.  Unfortunately, they haven't invested in any trained staff or a manager who can interact with customers. The poor guy behind the Espresso machine has no clue on how to make a Cappuccino ... My heart goes out to these guys who try their best. But at the same time if I am paying Rs.160 for a coffee, I do expect something up to the mark. Their Croissants and breads look like need some work. A good baker could advise them. I live nearby and do hope this place gets their act together as I still hate to give money to Starbucks, which is next door. On Coffee, they could draw some learning from Third Wave Coffee Roasters (Indiranagar, Koramangala) who make great coffee, but struggle with abysmal infrastructure outside their cafes.


Rated 4.0 by Abhishek 'Harry' Haridasan

#PuroGusto: Pure energy and enthusiasm towards coffee, croissants, cold cut sandwiches and so much more! It's always a pleasure to head to this coffee bakery and fine food outlet, whenever I step into the city of Bengaluru. There's also an outlet at the International Airport, which makes it even more convenient to have some more! πŸ’ƒ The sandwiches, croissants, cakes and pastries are served with so much gusto, I wonder how come there aren't more of such outlets around the country. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, croissants right out of the oven, whiff of veggies and cold cut meats coming together to create a brilliant club sandwich makes my mother water, every single time. 😁 Top this, with courteousness displayed by the executives at the counter, and we have a winning #caffeineshot for the soul! The high rise stools, coffee bar setup and orange upholstery gives an open bistro look, similar to what one would expect in El Italia! And, oh yes, those complimentary milk butter cookies that come with every steaming hot cuppa is simply a collector's and consumer's delight. βœ” Don't forget to ask for generous serving of hazelnut syrup in your coffee, and an extra warming of your croissant, to see the cheese ooze out from within! #ImSoHappy πŸ‘… Doffing my hat in appreciation to the management, who are ensuring their delicacies and brews are niche, while catering to multiple audiences. Here's wishing to see them in many more cities around India! πŸ‘Έ #Coffee #Croissants #Cakes #ColdCutSandwiches, Served, Consumed and Loved with #PuroGusto β™₯πŸ€˜πŸ˜‡