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Pelican - Swathi Deluxe

nb 4.2 / 5
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Pelican - Swathi Deluxe Reviews and Ratings - Kadabeesanahalli, Bengaluru


Rated 2.0 by Vivek Vardhan

Earlier when they started there was no pub in this locality, but this one was pretty descent that time. Nowadays I feel it is getting bad. The food has moved from average to bad. The Music is too loud and it more noise than music. Service is bad as well as they have only 2 servers and they keep running up and down leading to search for him all the time.


Rated 4.0 by Somak Bhattacharya

Went there a few times to enjoy fresh lager beer with some colleagues as it's situated pretty close to work. Advise people to go for the Swathi Deluxe restaurant in the ground floor, and not the Pelican pub if you are too picky about places, etiquette etc. Their pitcher of beer is fresh and refreshing. We tried Fish Tikka, Chili Chicken, Cashew Fries, Mutton Ghee Roast etc. Each dish was prepared with utmost care and efficiency. Fish Tikka is actually heavenly here - perfect marination, slow grilled/smoked - loved it. Rest were excellent too. No complaints about their service, ambiance and availability of parking! Loved everything about the place - but remember the first line and my advice.


Rated 2.0 by Avi Avinash

We generally visit Swati Delux to enjoy couple of beers and some food after we logout. Though many times the manager recomnded to visit Pelican we never bothered to do so. But this we were 5 we thought we will check out Pelican - Poor service, waiter was stinking badly - guess he haven't washed his clothes from ages. Food was cold, felt they served us some stored food. Cheap and flashy lights - tried to give it a disco effect but it dint turned out to be well. i would recommend to sit downstairs in Swathi delux


Rated 1.0 by Apurv Singh

Worst crowd ever seen, As soon as entered with a female friend got a  cheap whistle sound. Felt like local pub's crowd would have been better that this. The girl got panic and we just came out. Complaint with the manager but got zero response. Management should know they can't run a place without an even ratio.  Can't even rate this pathetic place. They have invested a lot in the pub but they should keep some bouncers to face such situation. Girls beware of being that place. Management should know that all the pubs and bar making business in MG road locality is just because at least girls can feel safe in there.