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Rated 3.0 by Mohan R B

We went here for lunch on a Sunday afternoon and the experience wasn't bad. This place is tucked away in a corner of the street and easy to miss. Ambience is pretty good and has outdoor seating as well. Coming to the service, it's sloooow ! We had to wait for almost 30 minutes for the starter to arrive and for some reason it was cold by the time it arrived. But I have to say that the food was definitely above average, not bad at all. Didn't exceed my expectations though, at least the dishes I ordered. Courteous staff, decent food, slightly reasonable prices. I guess I'm gonna give it another try and revisit this review if my experience is any better the second time.


Rated 1.0 by Sidharth Ravindra

HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY SERVING A CHICKEN DISH TO A VEGITARIAN? We came for dinner on Saturday the 11th of Aug. One of our family members is a vegetarian. We ordered a veg Xacuti. Half way through the meal we found chiken in the veg Xacuti. When we asked our server, all he said was "sorry the kitchen made a mistake". From a place that has consistent 5 star ratings on Zomato, this is atrocious. They did not charge us for the dish. Apart from this, the rest of the food was nice. However, we're definitely not coming here again. Very poor service!!


Rated 4.0 by Nalini Gupta ( )

Goa is India's favourite party destination and its food is one of the main factors of it. Nossa Goa serves you some delicious Goan delicacies and has now introduced their breakfast also. *Ambience* This place has a feeling of shack in old Goa. A in house converted into a restra. It has 2 levels with a outdoor/balcony view on top. Simple hack chairs in accordance with minimal decor. *Breakfast* ☕I started with a Masala Tea while my friend went for Hot Chocolate. A generous tea serving in a large cup surely made my start of the day better. ☕Hot Chocolate was a delight for sure for all chocolate lovers. ⏺The Patrào- recommended It is like a pork English breakfast with Goan pork chilli sausages on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with a side of hash browns, sunny side up eggs and grilled tomato. Served on a side of two authentic Goan breads called poee which are wheat based. The sausages were nicely done with spice and well cooked. ⏺Chicken Roast - recommended Shreds of chicken boiled and cooked in Goan masala and stuffed inside a poee with a generous sweet sauce lining. I loved this signature dish of theirs. Quite new. ⏺Pancakes Wheat and white flour mixes pancakes with bananas and chocolate and honey dips. It felt homely to eat those pancakes. Their signature dishes were delicious and surely a lot more on the menu to try on.


Rated 5.0 by Feeling Bites

This is one of those places which has a 'soul' in it! This authentic Goan beauty features an amazing 2 storied classy ambience from wide open space filled with greens, to the comfy indoor setup making it an ultimate 'Chill spot' for your gang! The staff members were really prompt and the overall service was indeed a charm! Coming to the food we tried their new addition of breakfast essentials, wherein we picked: • NewYork NewYork : Oh my! It was spot-on and constituted of two eggs to order with freshly buttered bread, a hash brown, bacon & sausage alongwith pancakes drizzled with honey! Everything was done pretty well & it managed to keep intact the authenticity of the classic breakfast platter as well! . We tried their Konkan Punch Mocktail as well which was a mix of apple cinnamon and kokum, which indeed was quite punchy! . . We thank Priyata for being the perfect host and wish the entire Nossa Goa team all the best! - Team Feeling Bites


Rated 4.0 by Dee

Loved the cozy ambience accompanied by soft retro music. And the food too...some true to Goan taste ( the Goan sausage pulao and sannas with xacuti) and some not so true to Goan taste (prawn curry and rice), but still good. And with Zomato gold its total value for money. Oh ya...and the bebinca too....yummmmm!