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Nadan Chayyakada

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Nadan Chayyakada Reviews and Ratings - Thavarekere, Bengaluru

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Nufal Nihas

Got to know about this traditional tea shop and went there last day. It was like a bit modern tea shop which we use to see in Kerala. The eatables were real good with a wide variety in them. The place was full packed and it's situated in a nice area, the staff were real good and the ordered items were in the table like the very next minute. Loved the tea here ,which reminded me of old good days in Kerala. Planning to visit here like another couple of times tasting the other varieties. Tried their Kulukki sarbathu the other day, it was like the same which we use to have in Trivandrum, kerala. Literally saying felt little more better and nostalgic after the kulukki. Had avil milk, Pazham vazattiyath, etc.. while visiting this for the third time. All dishes were outstanding. No words to express. Just go through those photos