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Mustard and Cress Reviews and Ratings - Whitefield, Bengaluru


Rated 5.0 by SANIDHI

Presentation of food is awesoeme and great.. Quite designs and service was better and pleasant place for long time dinner with friends ... ...............................................

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Vinod Krishnan

Visited this place on Sunday evening. Attached to the Biere Street, this is one place you can tag your kids along. Unlike the typical restaurants coming up these days, there is a lot of open space around. Simple and plain decor, not much to write about there... You could hear the loud music being played at the Biere Street, so not really the place if you are looking for a quiet setting. Service was quiet and efficient and the food was good. We had ordered a portion of fish fingers and tostados for starters, followed by a portion of paneer pizza, peppered coconut prawn curry with rice and a spaghetti in creamy sauce. The thin crust pizza was light and a nicely flavoured. I must say, the prawn curry was good. It had a strong coconut milk flavour, so if that's something you can't handle, then stay away from it.@ Spaghetti was good and the sauce was mild and thin, which is the way I prefer it..We also ordered some freshly brewed wheat beer. When it come to brewed beer, I think this is one of the better places in Whitefield and they have maintained the quality of thier brew. We also ordered a Mango Cheese Cake and a Pannacotta with berries. The cheese cake was really nicely textured and we'll flavoured. The Pannacotta was good though nothing exceptional. Though the place is pricy, at 320 + taxes a pop, I felt that the desserts were definitely priced higher than what I would have liked to pay for them. All in all a nice place to have a family dinner or even hangout with friends. Away from Biere Street yet close enough. I would definitely go back there...


Rated 4.0 by Arun Viswanath

Great food and wonderful ambience. This is definitely one of the best places to be with your​ friends for a long lunch or dinner . Plenty of options are there for both vegitarians and non-vegitarians. Service is a bit slow so it is better to order in batches . Presentation is so good I felt bad digging into the plate. I really liked the tenderloin steak and blue cheese stuffed chicken . Margarita pizza was very good too. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who visits this restaurant. Starters were ok, mushroom dish we ordered turned out to be very bland. Drinks were ok ,but I definitely had better. Deserts were very good. Food portion sizes were good ,prices are a bit on the higher side .Service could be better .

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Sushma Rao

Ambience is amazing. We went in the afternoon, during work hours, but the four gigantic coolers kept it cool. The food is good, especially the green pea and mint tikkis. We wanted to order more, but then as we had all recently joined the gym, we felt bad about bingeing. The veg jalfrezi pizza + ale is superb combination. Do try it out next time you go there. In all, Ambience: 5/5 Food: 4/5 Beer: 4/5 Value for money: yes!! What are you waiting for!??

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Harigovind S Menon

Amazing ambience, top class service. Amazing food. Not really pocket friendly but not an overly expensive place either. Their tenderloin steak is worth killing for. And their pizzas are delicious