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Murphy's Brewhouse - The Paul Bangalore

nb 4.6 / 5
Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur
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Murphy's Brewhouse - The Paul Bangalore Reviews and Ratings - Domlur, Bengaluru


Rated 5.0 by Dilon Avinash D'Souza

One of the best places in Bangalore. It has trendy crowd. Great ambience. Good beer. Great food and variety menu. Service has been great as well so far. Have been here since it has begun 4 years ago and has never disappointed. Yes the hard liquor is priced in a higher end


Rated 5.0 by Virag Gaigole

Great food.Ambience is good too.Staff is very co operative. Food is excellent n yummy. Best place to hangout in Domluru.Loved the variety of beer they serve and Chutneywala paneer tikka. Loved the place.


Rated 4.0 by Vikrant Yadav (

Murphy’s Irish Brewhouse is a hidden gem located mid way to Indiranagar and koramangala. It is the first Irish microbrewery in Bangalore and the only microbrewery that is part of a hotel complex. Recently they celebrated their 4th year anniversary and have launched a revamped menu. I visited it one fine evening on a weekday when to my surprise, the place was well occupied with patrons, inspite of the fact that its location is pretty difficult to trace. I had am amazing experience, got to try few of Irish signature items among its global cuisine menu. They are also relaunching their signature cocktails with new additions. Most of their drinks feature Paul John’s in-house malt, even when it comes to add smokiness to one of my desserts. The in-house wine is also available.


Rated 4.0 by MOHIT PRATAP

Murphy's Brewhouse is a hidden gem tucked away in the corners of Domlur. Being the first Irish microbrewery, Murphy's has a lot to offer other than their finest beers. It is also apparently India's only brewery situated in a hotel. We got a chance to visit the place during their 4th year anniversary celebration. AMBIENCE : Murphy's is located in the five star hotel - The Paul in Domlur opposite to EGL. Somehow, Google Maps shows slightly wrong location, at the backside of the Paul, and one has to walk some 200m to reach this place from there. The place is located on the 4th floor of the hotel and is divided into 3 sections - Non-AC Smoking, Non-AC Non-Smoking and AC Smoking. The place is obviously done keeping the Irish ambience in mind. The wooden walls and ceilings, Murphy's radios adorning the walls, and other Irish artifacts, all were adding to the beauty that this place is. There is also a display of Irish and English Bands and Singers, which also influences the music that is played there. The place has all wooden seating, some are high tables, some are couches but the most interesting ones were chairs carved out of barrels ! There are 2 bar counters, one in each floor. The beautiful glass lamps, dimly but aptly lit make the place all the more pretty. They have quite a few screens for sports and to my wonder, they all were playing different channels. FOOD AND BEVERAGES: We started with their Indian Veg Platter which had Tandoori Aloo, Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Corn Seekh Kebab, Stuffed Mushrooms and Hara-bhara kebab. Mushrooms were the best in the platter while Tandoori aloo were a bit of a disappointment as there was not much going on there tastewise, other things were average. Then we ordered Tandoori Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese Tartlets with Raw Mango Salsa. This is by far the best broccoli dish I have ever tried. Cheddar cheese and the salsa complimented it well. Next we tried Baked Quesadillas with Guacamole. The Quesadillas were amazingly tasty and filled with all sorts of veggies. This was my one of the first encounters with guacamole, and safe to say, a good one. But I still feel the quesadillas should be served with traditional dips as well. For mains, we tried Mushroom Ragout and Creamy Spinach Pie, which is their vegetarian take on classic Shepherd's pie of Ireland. It had a layer of Mushroom ragout and spinach topped with another layer of cheesy mashed potatoes. This was a delight to have, and a unique one. For drinks, we started with their beer samplers of Paddy's poison, Holy Sally, Good golly, Blackbeard. Paddy's poison was an English ale and had a good essence of honey and spices with malty flavor. Holy Sally was a Belgian wheat beer, mixed with orange and coriander it had a very good fruity after taste. Good golly was a German lager and had full malty flavor, I personally did not find it good enough. Blackbeard was stout beer and had a strong flavor of coffee and chocolate both, am personally not a fan of coffee beers but the alcohol content was really good. I ended up ordering a glass of Holy Sally, the one I liked the most. Then we ordered some cocktails - Whisky stone sour, Barmen's special vodka based cocktail, Long Beach Iced Tea and Blue Hawaii. Whisky sour was quite good with proper essence of Orange and Lime. Barmen's special was a let down as the drink tasted nothing better than juice, very low alcohol concentration. Long Beach Iced Tea was good but they could done with a little less amount of cranberry juice. Blue Hawaii was a white rum cocktail with proper concentration and a good mix of triple sec and lemon juice. For dessert, we tried their Baked Alaska flambéed with PJSM, which is basically a cake filled with 3 layers of ice cream - strawberry, pista and mango, topped with meringue. Then it was flambéed with their very own Paul John Single Malt whiskey to add the smokiness to the dessert. The dessert was very innovative and a good try. SERVICE AND COSTING: The staff is quite humble and friendly. They keep on dropping by to take feedbacks about drinks and dishes. Chef Abhishek was kind enough to meet us and shared his experience at Murphy's and his vision for the place. They were kind enough to give us a tour of the other eateries in the hotel : Masal Dani - North Indian cuisine, Vembanad - Kerala cuisine and Sidewalk Cafe. The place is a tad bit expensive than the other regular places but I would still say it's worth the experience. All in all, it's a good place to hangout with friends over some good beer on a weekend.


Rated 5.0 by Srividya B

I went to this place for my best friend's birthday celebration and I loved this place! It was their 4th year anniversary and it was a men's night. But, whatever! I loved everything about Murphy's! They have amazing ambiance with posters all over the place and amazing music with live screening! The staffs there are very friendly and explained everything about the food and beer.  First, we ordered BEER! They gave us the best of the best and the ones which have been taken by most people. They served Paddy's Poison, Holy Sally, Good Golly and Black Beard.  Holy Sally is a Belgian wheat beer which had a strong aroma of wheat malts where the aftertaste is of orange and coriander. Paddy's poison was my second favorite! Good Golly was a German Lager which is dry, but had a refreshing bitter taste. The last type of beer was the Blackbeard which was my first choice! I ordered another mug of it just because I loved it! It had a dry stout with 5.5% alcohol and had an aroma like caramelized malt. It tastes like a heady blend of burnt sugar and aroma of coffee chocolate and some spiciness.  The bartender was lively and had some specialties of his own. He made me the best cocktail which is basically Murphy's special. Another amazing drink here was Rum on the Rocks and the Sour Whiskey.  Coming to the food, I tried the Peri Peri Chicken which was so yum and crispy. It was basically marinated chicken roasted! It was Just Perfect! I also ordered the Chicken Satay with peanut sauce which was basically chicken breast marinated in rustic spices, grilled on skewers and served to us with a creamy peanut sauce. I didn't like it much, but it was tangy. Also, the chicken sizzler was so delicious! After having these starters, we took a chef's special pizza. The veg pizza contained lots and lots of paneer and the non veg was chicken and tasted yum. The pizza was thin crust, but very filling! The chef also made a Pork with Whiskey special where he gave us the pork roast with whiskey poured on top. All the dishes are a must try! The chef came and had a quick chat with me and he was so friendly and lively! I was so full and also wanted to try out all the dishes. Will definitely visit here again!  On the whole, I would say this place was good, far but definitely worth it! It's a must-go place!