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Moyra Reviews and Ratings - HSR Layout, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Mousumi Modak

The place is closed...... get it off your list. It was an harrassment for me to go there and come back. Especially going through bangalore traffic in this congested road...


Rated 3.0 by Sneak Peek Of My Platter

Since this afternoon, I had been wanting to have Nolen Gur'r (Date Palm Jaggery) misti as I happened to come across a few videos online. And very luckily, I came across this sweet shop Moyra when I was in HSR this evening. So Moyra is a tiny store just beside the cake shop Cake Dilim. The place has a really good collection of Bengali sweets and snacks. I got two Nolen Gur'r (Date Palm Jaggery) Sondesh packed from here.  Here are my quick ratings - 2/5 for the food - While the sondesh do have the nice flavour of nolen gur, the texture of the sweet is no way close to authentic sondeshes of West Bengal. Usually the texture of Bengali sondesh is somewhere between smooth and coarse, but this one was super smooth.    3/5 for the price: Each sondesh is priced at INR 22. While I understand the point that this place is selling Bengali items in Bangalore, the price is way too much for the size of the sweet. 3/5 for the service: Service is prompt.    Since it was a takeaway, I am not including the point of ambience in the review. Will I visit again? - Probably no. Follow my Instagram Page for more updates on food - @sneakpeekofmyplatter


Rated 4.0 by Crazy4Food

Had a good experience here. Authentic bengali sweets and snacks available. Price is bit high though. It's a hidden place as they have a small counter just opposite to Gayathri temple near MK Ahmed store.

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Soham Goswami

I am a Bengali and have a sweet tooth, this calls for me asking for Bengali sweets. Uber eats is where I have ordered from and somehow I have always found issues with the quality that is being served. First time it was perfect . The khaja was crisp and as it should be along with the gaja ( it does not have a n so it’s a sweet so guys don’t get ur hopes up). Well let’s come back to the topic which we are discussing. From then onward every time I have ordered, it’s been a disappointment. The rasgolla has a sour taste and an unappreciable smell, the Khaja turned out to be as soggy as a rasgolla which should Not be the case. Well I tried it 3 times believing it would be ok the next time but my thought exceeded my expectations. Nope, my last orders stands as my last order from this place.