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VR Mall, KR Puram
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McDonald's Reviews and Ratings - KR Puram, Bengaluru


Rated 2.5 by RJHeartnSoul

There's no reason to write a review about McD but when you feel they can do a better job handling customers and be a little customer friendly then it calls for this review. I have been here twice in a span of 3 weeks and both times they had one counter open with a long queue inspite of having the facility of opening the second counter. Once I finally reached the counter I requested for a kiddie meal coz my kids want the toy that comes with it and the lady at the counter rudely tells me they have only one and there is no choice. I requested her to check once again as they normally should have a choice of atleast 2- options for boys and girls. She gives me a frustrated look and tells me that only one is there is a tone which implies take it or leave​ it. Food wise no complaints but I would think twice about ordering from here again.


Rated 4.0 by Sudarsan

I was not a great fan of McDonalds until very recently . So we were at VR mall we decided to try at McD and we brought spicy chicken meal and kebab burger meal along with Indian mango juice . Well guys I have to say mcDonalds have improved their quality exponentially so much better than what I have had before. Everything has an Indian flavour (something new I have experienced this time ) and Indian mango I have no words to say it’s just awesome


Rated 1.0 by Sushoban Bhat

Had bad experience here in this outlet. They dint have cheesy Italiano, they dint have fanta,they dint have straw and they said they don't even have tissues.


Rated 1.0 by Pooja Thapa

I don't feel like to give review for this particular outlet but hence I will have to give because the burger and fish fry was horrible in taste. ..They served us expired burger. .patty wasn't taste good it was just a pathetic. ...Even when I asked them to change the burger they had taken back for replacement however they had taken half an hour to serve that particular burger. That too I went back into the counter and asked then they've given. ..Bad service ..manager was not serious


Rated 5.0 by Epic Lol

The best family friendly place ever. Really good food and constant new additions in the menu. I have never been disappointed with their service and food. McDonald's for life!!!!