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Shanti Nagar
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Little Tibet Kitchen Reviews and Ratings - Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru


Rated 4.0 by Purnima D N

great Tibetian and Bhutanese dishes. tried chicken steamed momos, chicken thukpa and kewa Datse. momos were juicy and loved the flavours in it. thukpa was topped with minced chicken cooked with robust flavours n finely roasted onions. Kewa Datse is a Bhutanese dish I tried for the first time n now absolutely in love with it. it's potatoes in spicy cheese! a must try! although the place looks small n situated in a very small area, the food there is something one shudn miss ..


Rated 5.0 by Rachna Amin

Loved it! Since the first visit it's been my favourite. Thukpas are yumm!! This place fewls more like a home. I'm not from nepal or tibet.. but staffs here treat us more like a family. Suddenly the honey chicken wings popping into my mind! Can't wait to get there.. This place is closed!! They have moved to coorg


Rated 5.0 by Andi Waffles

Very tasty food. Visited it now for the third time. Cook is very kind and friendly!!! Takes some time but the time is it worth :) Love this place!


Rated 3.0 by Swarna Shenoy

Little Tibet Kitchen is a tiny food joint in Shantinagar. Located in a norrow lane, we were greeted by a friendly cheerful chap here. It looked like he was doing both the cooking and the serving. So we had to wait a bit for the food to arrive. Here's what we tried : 1. Chicken steamed momos - Juicy, tasty 8 pieces for ₹. 90/- This is served with the red sauce that momos are generally served with. Not 'wow' kinda impressive but definitely not disappointing either. 2. Kewa datse (₹. 90/-) - Enjoyed this blend of potatoes, chilly and cheese as it is one of my favourite Bhutanese dishes. Since we were not eating it with any rice, we asked him not to make it very spicy. Honestly, I was really pleased to have Kewa datse after so long. :) 3. Chicken Thukpa (₹. 100/-) - a big bowl of thukpa with bare minimum veggies, fried onion and chicken. Unless you mix the fried onion and chicken with the soup well, the noodles will taste pretty bland. The dish was a so-so for me. Ambience :The place is really small and the location is kinda shady late in the evenings. Except for that, the person managing the place was sweet and welcoming. Think I'll go there to try the other dishes sometime again. :) Oh also, they accept PayTM.


Rated 5.0 by Kriti Balani

This is small lil place in shantinagar but the food here is absolutely delicious! The momos, noodles and thukpa are a must try! Their portions are pretty good and the chilly sauce served with the momos is brilliant!