Lassi Shop

MSR Nagar

Phone no. - +91 9243494002


Cost for two - 100

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Lassi Shop Reviews and Ratings - MSR Nagar, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Karan Singh

This is just another Lassi Shop you may feel from the looks of it. But this one is a scam. I was fortunate enough to visit other Lassi Shops, like the one in Sanjay Nagar, to know what the brand should offer as compared to what these guys offer. The price is as good as any other Lassi Shop, because its a brand thing. But all the good things end there. The quantity and quality of drinks cannot be called bad, because that would be termed being soft on them. They are a disgrace in the name of the brand. They give you small portions compared to what you get at a proper Lassi Shop. They may or may not have a cover for your drinks. The drinks will not even look like the image, if they have any. Now the argument is that no food sold looks like its image. The Lassi Shop at Sanjay Nagar sells drinks that look like it's image. In fact, my friends had been getting the wrong drinks at this Lassi Shop, and they would assume that is what the name states till they had it elsewhere. In fact, certain drinks will change with respect to the ingredients they have. Your 'Walk Like an Egyptian' mocktail may taste different every time you have it (personal experience). And that is just an example. Lastly, the service is pathetic. The guys running the store are more busy serving the girls and chatting with them and teasing them and them forgetting your order is not a rare phenomenon if there is a crowd. They do not hesitate to give your order to a girl if you have the same order and you ordered just before her.


Rated 4.0 by Nikhil Lunagaria

love the place. been drinking their pineapple & watermelon jucie daily. I love their cold coffee, Belgian chocolate mocktail, fruit salad with ice cream, brownie with ice cream. the have some amazing snacks corn cheese nuggets, pizza sticks, cheese vadapav, jalapeno poppers.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Showme!

We had ordered for × strawberry smoothie and ×Blue lime. The smoothie was nothing but rooh afza mixed with the smoothie and it was not bad.Just that the rose water smell was too much! And the blue lime was too sour and it was unbearable at the end. The cost is affordable for college students like us! The desserts look really nice but haven't tasted.Hope to do that sometime soon ☺

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Nagashri

Service is good but slow. Takeaway option is available. This place offers great shakes and brownies. Do try the peri peri fries and cheesy fries.

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