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Laddoos Reviews and Ratings - Doddathoguru, Bengaluru


Rated 3.0 by Niharika Majhi

Make sure to Check the bill before payment. happens frequently ..not sure whether they do it knowingly or not...although crowd is very less...


Rated 4.0 by Navyakalashree

phirni is usually a sweet dish made up of rice but no way I found it made from rice please re make the dish next time


Rated 1.0 by Rakshanda Bhardwaj

improper packaging ,since the product was supposed to be delivered,liquids should have been packed separately ,it was terribly soggy to eat


Rated 2.0 by Mayank Patel

2 days ago I ordered cheese pav bhaji from laddoos. It was delicious so today I ordered 2 cheese pav bhaji and instead of cheese I got normal bhaji and the test was also not up to my expectations. It was a bad experience. I hope they will not make any mistakes next time.


Rated 2.0 by Jacob Martin

I ordered 2 cheese pav bhajis from laddoos restaurant today. I had one cheese pav bhaji from the same restaurant and it was very good. But today instead of cheese pav bhaji I got normal bhaji without any cheese and quality was also not comparable to the food I had before. It was very bad experience. I hope it will not happen again.