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Hotel Dwarka Reviews and Ratings - Basavanagudi, Bengaluru


Rated 5.0 by Ramesh N

Another iconic, legendary eatery in Basavanagudi, their offerings are limited, but their specialty is Khali dose, which comes in different combinations, First is standard Khali dose, other is Khali dose with benne, another is Khali dose with Palya. They also have option to buy Single Khali (only 1 dose). Chutey is served with all of the above mentioned combinations, The doses are soft, fluffy. The best way to eat these khali doses are one must dip the dose in watery chutney rather than just scooping a bit of the same. One must follow this technique to enjoy the complete taste of khali doses here. The other item which is must have here is Rava Vade, crispy & Soft, Yes Crispy from outside, Inside soft. Their other items which one must try is Rava Idli, Kharabath & Kesaribath. A person has been dedicated to enquire & Serve chutney to customers. The gentlemen who are the cash counter are very experienced and manages the customers well, guiding them about the items & combinations. The guys managing the service counter needs a special mention here, amazing people management skills, They also have 5-6 tables arranged where people can sit & eat.


Rated 2.0 by Naveen Bl

Their Khaali dosas are good but the crowds make the experience hellish. Get parcel instead. The distinctive chutney  has fresh strands of corriander .


Rated 4.0 by Vaishnavi Vasanth Joshi

This place is my dad's favorite, he has spent most of his early days making a number of visits to this place. Whenever we happen to cross Basavanagudi,this is a must visit stop for us. In most of our visits here I have always loved the Kali dosa and chutney teamed with coffee. The taste never differs ,its always mouth watering! For anybody who wants to taste the authentic south Indian food this would be top on the recommendation list.


Rated 3.0 by Raj Kiran

Another legendary place in basvanagudi where only the food quality can be measured rather than the ambience. Their set dosa's is a must and with extra butter it's even better. However, I wasn't totally impressed with their masala dosa as I've had better in other places. These places are their from ages in bangalore which makes them a must visit places for foodies.


Rated 3.0 by Mahi At Peace

This is a very old place in South Bangalor and this was initially in Bull temple road. They had even put up a board in the hotel where it said chutney will not be given more than 2 or 3 times.. It was famous for that. If anything is there to go by its only the Khali Dosa. Khali Dosa's are soft and pluffy.. Thanks to the soda they end up adding. Taste wise, its good and no complaints on that. Their  Chutney is good too.. 34/- for a plate of Khali Dosa and for extra sagu or potato palya, its 6/- extra. Usually crowded and it's manned well. The senior citizens manning this hotel take care of it in every possible way. Rest of the dosa's like Masala/ Onion and Tomato are ok ok and nothing to rave about. The quantity is less when it comes to their rice batch and Khara bath and for that quantity, its quite pricey. Idly n vada are something that u  can miss and you won't regret. Anytime u plan to have a khali dosa, this is the place!!