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Hasini Foods Reviews and Ratings - Koramangala, Bengaluru


Rated 5.0 by Atheeq

Its an underrated restaurant....Excellent Veg meals , Non Veg starters and Chicken Biryani (Spicy)... very decent ambience including Air conditioning... Unfortunately not marketed well... Service is also good... Portions are most definitely worth the money you pay.


Rated 1.0 by John

I went for lunch there, during my office lunch break. Unfortunately I ordered Andhra meals. I am a big fan of Andhra meals, especially the "soppu sar" (palak & dal). My goodness I cant even say even a single dish related to Andhra though. I really didnt understand the cuisine.  Really, I feel bad giving such a rating because the setup was really nice, service was kind of okay, but the food was terrible. i mean is rasam tasted like sambar, sambar looked like rasam, I didnt understand one dish was karela fry till bearer explained . Well its not a big hotel or anything but honestly if food is not good why go there? I didnt try anything else, i see other better ratings.. but my experience was real bad.


Rated 5.0 by G S J Pradeep

Good was delicious, enjoyed with home made taste

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by The Coffee Addict Aiyappa

Went to Hasini a week ago for a takeaway order of a couple of non-vegetarian dishes. The ambience is quite nice, with most of it in warm wood, earthen colors retained from the erstwhile restaurant Go Italia (My review of which the funny guys at Zomato moved from 4th block to 6th block when the restaurant moved!) I like the new vibrant colored wall plates/painting on the wall. I wanted to photograph them, but wasn’t carrying my cellphone. The new tables with embedded tiles are terrific. And the lighting is soothing. The staff warmly greeted me and asked me to take a seat in spite of knowing I had gone for a takeaway. I ordered Miriyala Kodi fry and Gongura mutton. They took about 15 minutes to prepare and hand it over to me. The Miriyala Kodi fry was excellent. It was quite spicy, but the tender chicken, combination of spices and the cashew nuts was really awesome. The Gongura mutton was so spicy that it overpowered any flavors of Gongura it might have had! The heat of the chili was all I could taste. However the mutton was cooked well. I wish there were less bones in the 4 pieces that the dish contained. It’s in my neighborhood and probably will visit again. At about 400 rupees, I would say it’s reasonable.


Rated 4.0 by T.Purna Chander

Went to this restaurant a few times.The ambience is decent.Coming to food, generally, when people saw Telugu(or Andhra) word, they expect some spicy food.But here, it is not the case. It is moderately spicy.However, there is no compromise in taste.I was completely satisfied with the taste.We had items like Dal fry-- very good, mushroom curry-- good but a little bit sweet kinda taste, crispy chicken( my friends say- very good ),butter naan,curd rice, veg pulao-- little bit dull look :P and but felt better with raitha.One more thing was, desserts were very limited.Apart from Spicy food lovers, everyone can give a try. :)