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Grandma's Recipe Reviews and Ratings - Doddakannalli, Bengaluru


Rated 5.0 by Reshmi

I opted for biriyani comb 1. 1) quantify sufficient for one person 2) Taste was good not typical restaurant style could find some cashews in it 3 Packing very neat Overall good Biriyani would be great if you could add little more rairha


Rated 5.0 by Thomas Thannangattu

Yesterday I tired meals comb 1 .Taste was really good.The fish curry was really amazing though the quantity was little less .Truely homemade and well packed keep the good work


Rated 1.0 by Surya Aravind

I'm totally pissed of this time. I have ordered food from this restaurant before also.The food was of good quality. Hence I ordered again. But this time what I received was horrible. I ordered a veg meals and chickrn biriyani. Chicken biriyani was almost smelling bad. It was old for sure. I had to throw it. Then the veg meals.. I took the rice in a plate and I was so happy when I saw 'Dal curry' instead of usual Sambar because it's my favourite.I poured the curry immediately over the rice. Suddenly I felt a bad smell. I could see that curry was almost decayed.. I don't know if 'decay' is the right word. I felt like they took the curry from dust bin and gave it to me. This time Grandma's Recipe really shocked me.. I havetasted food which are not so good at taste.. But they were never bad smeling. I will never ever order from this restaurant. If they had send me the meals with just the poriyal, curd and chutney, that was ok for me. But sending something which smells like sh*t is not acceptable.


Rated 5.0 by Sreejith

Good food . Tastes like homemade food. Have tried biriyani and meals both are very good. I think one of the best place you can get authentic Kerala food. Keep the good work.


Rated 5.0 by Mithul Mangaldas

Awesome food.