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Firangi Bake Reviews and Ratings - Ramamurthi Nagar, Bengaluru


Rated 4.0 by Yasir Yousuf

Another Monday night. Another time of ennui. Yet another chance of experiencing the never experienced! This time it's with Firangi Bake. They experiment with bold global flavours to create a desi revolution. I ordered a Minced Chicken Lasagne & a Tandoori Kukkad Pot Rice, the two such impeccable experiments from them. Pot rice is Gooey, cheesy and has got layers of authentic stuffing soaked in Indian flavours- toothsome & appetizing! Truly loved it. Minced Chicken Lasagne is cooked in a smokey, cream consistent layered lasagne sheets with their Chicken Ksheema & beans. This was also scrumptious & a different attempt. One suggestion would be, layers of chicken could have been more aligned with lasagne.


Rated 1.0 by Suchitra Chinmaya

less quantity


Rated 3.0 by Annwesha Banerjee

Firangi Bake - An initiative to introduce Indian flavours in Continental dishes. I will not say I am very much a supporter of fusion in food, but this one made me change my thoughts. I ordered a MINCED CHICKEN LASAGNE and a MASALA CHICKEN QUESADILLA. I am a fan of Lasagne , and was really excited to try this dish with an Indian twist. MINCED CHICKEN LASAGNE came in a tin foil in a box along with some garlic bread. The lasagne had the same basic concept of lasagna+sauces+protein+cheese and repeat. This was lasagna followed by kheema curry followed by cheese and repeat. The kheema curry was not overly spicy, but extremely flavourful . The cheese layer on top was torch burnt, making it even more delicious. The cheese layers were not spread cheese, but good mozzarella which was just melt in your mouth delicious. The kheema , lasagna and cheese went really well together and held as one complete dish. Generally these flavours contradict each other, but here they were complimenting each other. I would definitely recommend this dish to everyone.  MASALA CHICKEN QUESADILLA was far from a quintessential quesadilla with corn tortilla ,filling and grilled cheese. It was a flour tortilla, and was a little thicker than usual. The "masala' filling was very desi, tasty neverthless. However I feel, it could be more of corn, cheese and grill. I hope to see a better version of it soon. Happy with the concept and exploration of #FirangiBake. #ThumbsUp #Influencer #Foodie


Rated 4.0 by Shashank

Their kitchen must be a sanctum-o-cheese. A cheese lovers haven, so to speak. The name is catchy and apropos the grub they offer. Minced chicken lasagna 4.5/5 I was very apprehensive about this dish but one spoonful and all my misgivings were buried 6 feet deep. It had a crusty top layer of cheese blanketing layers of pasta sheets, chicken keema and oozy cheese. The bread served alongside works well to polish off the cheese n keema. Tandoori Kukkad Pot Rice 3.5/5 It promises quintessentially north Indian flavours given a western finish. It had a gravy like chicken base topped with rice and a cheese crust. The chicken gravy tasted nothing like tandoori chk. The bread felt like a misfit in this dish. Grilled Chicken Nuggets 4/5 Loved the little chicken mince patties. If you've had Murg Koobideh from Behrouz, this is the same thing served with mayo. This cross pollination of menu items from faasos, Behrouz, Sweet Truth etc confuses and irks. The name change was misleading. Overall Food 4/5 Packaging 4.5/5 VFM 3.5/5


Rated 4.0 by Bhukka Pyasa Beardo

Firangi bake- Decided to order from Firangi bake, to my surprise food turns amazingly good with express deivery Opted for Minced Chicken Lasagne & Bombay Masala Quesadilla. Minched Chicken lasagne - Loved It!! Absolutely amazing. Heavily Loaded with minched chicken & cheese. Bombay Masala Quesadilla- Was decent though. Packing is good too, due to which food is served hot as if it is taken down right from the oven. Delivery was before the time it was expected, which really felt good.