JP Nagar Market, JP Nagar Phase 6

Phone no. - +91 9886606827, +91 8041672020


Cost for two - 600

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Eten Reviews and Ratings - JP Nagar Phase 6, Bengaluru


Rated 4.0 by Manoj Kumar

Quantity was less compared to price..It mainly had cauliflower.However the taste was really awesome.


Rated 3.0 by Nirmal Kumar

chicken is hard and rubbery.....else would have given 5.


Rated 4.0 by Food Trail India™

This is a food delivery startup which delivers perfectly portioned ingredients along with a recipe so you can cook it yourself at home. We were fairly skeptical of this idea as we thought it was catering to a very small niche however, our experience told us otherwise. The delivery was timely and we were given a personalized message as well which we certainly appreciated. Main Course We ordered two dishes for our meal. The veg was a Red Pesto Pasta and for the non-veg we ordered a Prawn Pad Thai. The recipe was detailed and we were able to follow the steps quite easily. All boxes which contained the ingredients were clearly labelled. The portion sizes were large and could easily cater to two people for each dish which you order. As for the Pasta, the ingredients were fresh and sauce tasted great however, we felt the quality of penne itself could have been improved and that could consider using Durum Wheat over Maida Pasta. As for the Pad Thai, it was the first time we were making this and hence it was a new experience for us. The ingredients were fresh and the Pad Thai actually ended up tasting pretty good. The only drawback which we felt was probably the Frozen Prawns as we felt it slightly degraded the quality of the dish as opposed to Fresh Prawns. Final Verdict It was actually a great experience. You get the satisfaction of cooking yourself without the hassle of learning to cook or having to source the ingredients for yourself and then portioning it. The taste of both the dishes were great and apart from the few suggestions mentioned above, we really liked what we were given. A very innovative concept which we feel would certainly work as it is different from the eating out culture which is prevalent today. The only suggestion we would have is probably in terms of the containers. There was a separate container for each and every ingredient which means by the end of it there was a huge pile of plastic containers which is a huge waste according to us. If they can try and address this problem by having a single segregated container it would be much better. We certainly would recommend all of you try this at least once to understand how it really works and the satisfaction you get by cooking this yourself. Food: 4/5 Price: 4.5/5 Delivery: 4/5 Packaging: 3/5


Rated 5.0 by Uma Sudhindra

An ideal meal along with my soup. Eten's crisp & fresh salad with different dressings was just the perfect choice this rainy evening. Thank you Eten! Will come back for more. :)


Rated 4.0 by The Greedy Guts

If you need a fancy dinner this weekend and you’re too lazy to go out and buy some ingredients for a healthy meal,then just choose ETEN With a variety of cool salads and do it yourself meal kits they ensure to bring you the joy of cooking with really fresh ingredients in exact proportions What we tried AGLIO-E-OLIO - We received the meal kit with fresh Parmesan cheese,fresh Basil,Chilli flakes and the perfect recipe,to get the perfect restaurant COOKED MEAL AT HOME. THAI SUMMER SALAD- A very filling,colourful and raw salad.Definitely my pick when I want to have a healthy lunch this summer

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