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Cafe Centralis

nb 3.5 / 5
RMV Stage 2
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Cafe Centralis Reviews and Ratings - RMV Stage 2, Bengaluru


Rated 5.0 by Bindu Raaghu

Great ambiance with beautiful interiors . Great food for reasonable price ! I have tried the pizzas and pasta's ...they were delicious ! A Must try place 👍


Rated 2.0 by Utpal Dutta

The ambience of the cafe is spot on which is very well complimented by the service. But the biggest let down is the food quality which is not at all near the standard set. To make it worst I went there with bunch of my friends ordered from different sections of food available but to my surprise none of them were good. The burger were bland, fries were soggy and to make it worse even the pasta was overcooked. I have great hope for improvement in the quality of food.


Rated 1.0 by Dr. Ankit Sharma

After being in and around BEL road for quite sometime I decided to give this place a shot today, and boy was it something to write about. I would like to clarify that we were the only customers in the establishment and it was not a case of rush hour mistakes. The waitress who was serving us didn't have a clue about the menu leave alone any sense of what hospitality service is about. We ordered a grill chicken salad, a hot cafe mocha and a watermelon mojito. She didn't understand any of it- I had to open the menu and show her where I was ordering from- but the cherry on top was the fact that she ticked the same on the menu and took it with her so that she didn't get it wrong. I would have let that slide if the order we received would have been as expected, but instead a new server brought us a watermelon juice and a cold cafe mocha- which we obviously returned- much to the disliking of said waiter. Now coming to the salad- land fills have seen better quality of vegetables than what we were served. The lettuce was at least a week old(attaching a photo for reference), if not more, the chicken bordering on being a health hazard, and the so called sauce/garnish was a splash of vinegar mixed with black pepper. Needless to say we just played around with the salad till we had picked all the black olives- the only thing that seemed sanitary to eat- and tried to locate a manager which was nowhere to be found- paid the bill in vain and left. I don't know who is the owner of this place but if they are on zomato I hope they open their eyes to see what services are being provided by their employees in the name of a cafe. You're better off eating out of a garbage can than coming to this place.


Rated 3.0 by Ronak Mehta

Well..the place is really cozy and compact.. They have rooftop which is really nice! The service is a lil slow and the food isn't to crave for. It's good for a chill time with good company! The staff were really polite and friendly!


Rated 3.0 by Priyanka Preethi

Cafe central has a cozy, great interiors and decent ambiance. it as seating section options to choose from as per your comfort. Pricing is normal Staffs were friendly and service was neither so quick nor late. We order Burger comb – which comes along with juice and fries it was ok Pasta –red sauce – was tasty Pizza –was thin crust bit oily and felt heavy Latte was good Overall good experience