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Bufferia Reviews and Ratings - Marathahalli, Bengaluru


Rated 3.0 by Abatirna Dash

I was looking for buffets near to my home,marathahalli and suddenly this cropped up. A very new place for me.its not much crowded .we were warmly greeted and seated at a table in a medium size hall.ambience was good ,I guess night life will be much better than day.coz pool side view and open yard you will get .The course started with a veg healthy soup . Then came the long non vegetarian staters variety .Chicken kabab , chilly chicken dry ,tandoors,added with mutton kabab ,shik kabab,variety of fish,prawn (mouth watering),squid with multiple sauces.They repeat as many time you want. In non veg we tried almost 13 varieties of staters but for veg they have to improve a bit. They don't provide any complimentary drinks/cocktails. Now come to main course,as I was completely filled by starters ,I just tried veg fried rice with Hunan chicken. We headed towards the Dessert section. A wide variety of desserts consisting of gajar ka halwa,gulab jamun,baked yogurt,Mysore pak,caramel custard(too good),firni,cheesecake(Independence day special),chocolate souffle and ice cream. So my experience was not very bad or bad was good. This place is little hidden in marathahalli,must explore this place. I would have given it 4 but unfortunately couldn't coz of it's veg menu.


Rated 3.0 by Annwesha Banerjee

I was looking for buffets to spend an afternoon with a friend, chatting and eating. There are quite a few options for buffet at Marathahalli, and I was going through those, suddenly this cropped up. A fresh new place, very close to my home and I couldn't resist the urge to check it out. I called there, and booked myself a table hassle free. Trust me, booking a buffet table on Sundays is a pain, but not in Bufferia.  We were warmly greeted and seated at a table in the centre. It's a medium sized hall.  There nothing much to the ambiance except the view of the pool.   The course started with a clear soup, to cleanse the palate. Followed by some papri chat. The chutney was tangy and added the correct balance of flavours. The starters were served straight from kitchen. Among the vegetarian lot, the cheese balls and jalapeno croquet were delicious. The  came the long list of the non vegetarian variety. The chicken kebab and tandoors were good, the fish variants were excellent. ( Hello! I am Bengali. ) Fillets were not soggy, lightly fried with great flavours. The squid was a little disappointing. It was made up for by the prawn. It was mouth watering delicious. The serve it with multiple sauces , chutneys and mayo. The best is they repeat as many times as you want. They will serve it straight from the kitchen for you. There was aam panna, badaam thandai as a part of the buffet. The badaam thandai was a bit too sweet.  Being stuffed at the starters we took our time to get to the mains. For mains there was steamed rice, daal makhni, paneer, chicken hunan, Indian chicken recipe, mutton roghanjosh and chicken biryani. We went for the Biryani and mutton. The desi chicken recipe was good, with strong Indian spices and malai. The Biryani was of Hyderabadi style with friend onions and spices. The mutton - Here comes the disappointment- was terrible. It was a very bad quality of the red meat which smelled bad, we could not eat it.  Disappointed we headed towards the Dessert section. A wide spread consisting of Rabri, Frirni, Strawberry Cake, Cheesecake, Mysore Pak, Caramel Custard, Chocolate Souffle ; Gulab Jamun, Gajar ka Halwa, Darsaan and Chocolate Ice cream! It was a fantastic spread. The chocolate ice cream was a little dark, and that made all the difference. The Darsaan was light and perfect amount of sweet. The cheesecake was surprisingly light and airy. The strawberry cake was moist. Gulab jamun was not overly sweet, and served hot. The dessert nearly made up for the mains mishap!  We ordered a beer and virgin mojito. The mojito was well made with good balance of flavours.  Bufferia truly is a hidden gem in Marathahalli, and should be explore. I would have given it a 4, but unfortunately could not.  #ThumbsUp #Foodie


Rated 3.0 by Santosh Kar

Heard about this place....finally visit there food was in the lots of variety but as per name the quality of food very bad most of the starter was so bad.some non-vegetarian​ starter was bad really not like that.


Rated 2.0 by Partha Samanta

Heard about this place ....they have lots of variety for the starters......but most of the starters was very was stalling .... mains course also not that up to the mark.....service was very slow.... Need to more focused......


Rated 3.0 by Harish

This is a buffet restaurant they have many of varitys startets. But the test wise was bot low...improve the food quality maons are also same dessert was okk .