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Bombay Kulfi Reviews and Ratings - Kaikondahalli, Bengaluru


Rated 4.0 by Shakir

This was some of the few ice-cream places open in Sarajapur road after midnight. First of all this not to be confused with "Bombay Kulfis" that is on the opposite side of the road near Keventers. We ordered Banarasi Paan Kulfi Gulkand Kulfi I loved the Banarasi Paan flavour. There were paan leaf pieces in the kulfi that made the taste more authentic. Gulkand kulfi was ok. Maybe I ate it after the paan flavour, I did not find this flavour as strong. I will try the ice-cream cakes next time!


Rated 4.0 by Lolita Das

Bombay kulfi is very Old but The tast is very good and faluda also very yummy 😋 anjir kulfi with rabre i love it plz try i m sure you like the kulfi


Rated 4.0 by Anand



Rated 2.0 by VIVEK E A

Not to be confused with Bombay Kulfis...(difference of an S) And actually that makes all the difference. This is a shoddy imitation of bombay kulfis with which i mistook this one for and ordered for home delivery. Prices are same but the kulfi stick size is what was different and ofcourse the taste. Ordered 2 kulfis and one of them was totally frosted with ice formed all over it. Once this happens you know that the kulfi or ice cream is uneatable. Its due to improper refrigeration and maintenance. But as a customer i do not want to be served with a bad item. So size too was smaller and did not taste fresh. I could feel a kind of watery taste. The one with frost I just threw away. Wasted my time, money and mood on this.


Rated 3.0 by Sunny Vasu

one order of slice was good but other order i ordered rabdi but got matka kulfi which was not of good taste and quantity was also less. happy with slice but disappointed with getting matka kulfi in place of rabdi.