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Bobby's Dhaba Reviews and Ratings - Malleswaram, Bengaluru


Rated 4.0 by Arijit Chakraborty

Absolute no fancy decor simple ambience but you will fall in love with the food. The fresh , hot n kadak stuffed parathas served with a dollop of butter on top will surely make you content. Also try the lassi which I will love. They also have some side dishes like yellow dal, dal palak needs a mention. And above all the simple and smiling owner serving you. This is little of way NR nagasandra metro station but worth your time spent.


Rated 5.0 by Roshan Rm

there is something special about this place , it might not have a great ambience but the food tastes so good that you forget the rest . Must try the lassi , butter milk , shahi paneer 😉


Rated 4.0 by Supreeth Sharma

Being in Bangalore when u crave for veg Punjabi rasoi this is a must visit place the food taste is just wow I can say 5 for the food here the 4 is because of lack of heigene and if you are really hungry weekends are the days to avoid as you may have to wait for a minimum period of one hour but an excellent place for punjabi food lovers


Rated 3.0 by Sagar Kv

"Behaviour is everything in the hotel & restaurant industry". Visited with my girl to try some authentic Punjabi taste and it didn't disappoint me. But but but the arrogance of the owner and his scream spoiled the while ambience. his shout is unnecessary but dono what's the problem is , he might dono the difference between his employee's and customers. Happy for the taste and love the size of the lassi and butter milk and price is also decent but sad for the rudeness.


Rated 1.0 by Aditya

There is an old saying "How you behave is all that matters" We are big paratha lover, we've eaten Parathas in some of the famous joints in India, like Amrik Sukhdev (Del-Chandigarh) highway, Cannaught Place & many more. So we travelled 40 Kms in Two wheeler (2hrs) just to taste Parathas here as someone told me. The owner turned out to be Very rude & arrogant. As we started ordering he rudely asked us to write down orders in a paper with names, so we did. 2 pc Gobi paratha 1 pc Aaloo paratha, he again rudely said we have to take 2 pc aaloo paratha & 2 pc paneer paratha as they have plate system & no one person can have his choice of two different parathas in one plate, in which case they have to buy 4 parathas (2 plates). I call it "Sukkhhi Lala" bussiness strategy :). All over India people buy one paratha at a time so that they can try different flavours. Anyway we ordered 4 piece parathas & he asked us to wait again. After 15 more minutes when I checked he rudely replied "it'll take lot of time". Waiting was not the problem, his behaviour was. I couldn't resist more of his arrogance, so I decided to Cancel my order, before he insults us more (although we both were starving). He refused to cancel my order although I can see our orders were still in waiting. I told him I can give him order money even without eating. He said he can't do that. I told him as he's not giving any option we're going, he said "you can go", so we left. He might have good tasty food but unfortunately we couldn't taste it. I wish him luck with his bussiness & hope he realizes importance of treating customers right.