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Birinz Reviews and Ratings - Shinivagalu Tank Bed Layout, Bengaluru


Rated 5.0 by Nabeel Akram

This is not a restaurant review. I m sharing the Kitchen visit experience of Birinz that happened months back. Being a foodie, this was a good experience to know more about Dum style Hyderbadi biryani making. Birinz is online outlet which delivery best hyderbadi biryani in town. I swear, not for promoting them I m not telling. Before this kitchen experience. I already tried their biryani through zomato. Birinz Management invited a bunch of bangalore foodies for the kitchen meet in their begur road kitchen in Bommanhali. Hospitality was awesome, the brand owner is very knowledge guy in terms of F&B. He started with the kitchen capacity and facilities. Kitchen was meeting 100% hygiene factors. He started with marination process. They adding curd in chicken for adding taste and softness of the meat. Then after marination. We got to know about what is Dum style. How they doing to make Dum style. It was very educative for a person like me. We came to know A-Z about hyderbad style dum biryani making. Biryani we getting on plate is hardwork of so many peoples. In kitchen more than 10 people for making the biryani. This is their central kitchen. So biryani and other dishes will make here and transportation other points. We got a change to try kebab chickens with mayo, choclate momos. Overall it was good


Rated 4.0 by KM

I have ordered in from Birinz and also got a unique opportunity of visiting their central kitchen and the taste somehow differed on both counts. While the freshly prepared biryani I tried at the central kitchen was excellent and near perfect and something I’d recommend to all the one I receive whilst ordering though still good somehow seems to lack the masala and hence the flavours are compromised. They definitely maintain good hygiene standards and the cooking process is truly authentic. Their starters are very good and their Chocolate momos though a little chewy tastes great.


Rated 5.0 by Deepan Giri

Briiyani is best at the point can't stop typing biriyani because its tasty and yummy to service is fine attender are best well trained and has in good manner lovely ambience keep up will be back again to try some more dishes.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Harish Koushal

If you have never tried this place, it is better late than never. The biryani is all things done right and it is safe to say this is one of the best I tried in Bengaluru. I have ordered twice from this place through Uber Eats. The delivery was very fast and I got my food within 30 minutes (It might have helped that it was a Sunday). I tried their regular Chicken Boneless Biryani and the quantity is pretty good enough for 2 people (However, a biryani freak can finish it off him/herself :)).  The things I liked about the biryani here, is the flavourful long grain rice and the moderate spice levels. It does not feel excessively spicy at any point of your eating experience. The boneless chicken portions are generous and it is not coated with refined wheat flour layer or added food colour. The accompaniments –salan and raitha further enhance and bring variation to the food, especially the salan (It has a distinct flavour). Would love to order from this place again and again!!


Rated 5.0 by Achintya