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Bengaluru Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Jayanagar, Bengaluru


Rated 5.0 by V3foodie

The place is in jaynagar. It is all time crowded however the time taken to give our orders are super quick. This s famous for their dosa, there s no comments about dosa. We have many super hotels in Bangalore but this place is taking ahead in dosa. Dosa lovers must visit this place.


Rated 5.0 by Sriharikrishna Madhukar

A legendary outlet which can aptly be named as the CTR of South Bengaluru! The mad crowd and the rise of this outlet justifies the tag. Coming to the culinary experience, the dosa here is roasted golden brown, smooth texture and a crispy crust. The combo of red chutney and aloo palya with the dosa is just perfect. Eating it, makes you want to go for another one for sure. I also tried the kesaribath. It is what it is. Good. Do not miss this place people!


Rated 5.0 by Bharjari Bhojana

Full marks to one of the best limited menu South Indian place in jayanagar. We needed one in this area, this is one of the less expensive and quality food in south Bangalore. It is worth the money for the food, when you are hungry , u will have all the items in the menu and still feel hungry. We had dosa , idilli vada , kesari bath coffee and tea. Only thing left was shavige bath, this covers 100% menu. Quality of food - 5/5 Ambience- 3/5 Value for money -5/5


Rated 4.0 by Priyanka Lakur Krishna Murthy

Been here many times . The dosa is tasty and crispy full of butter . Idli is tasty and is served with green chutney , sambar is not provided . Not much crowded place . Staff are friendly . It is self service system . The ambience is good too .


Rated 5.0 by Seema Makam

BENGALURU CAFE best hotel for breakfast in jayanagar. The items here are not costly. The hotel so clean and well maintained and its a self service hotel. The hotel do not serve sambar they serve oly chatni for all the dishes, the tatse of the chatni is amazing, idle so soft and vada is so crispy perfect dish for the stomach and dosa so crispy nd thin with lot of gee😋karbhat with chatni was yummy and kesaribath so super, rice with Rita was tasty. Must try each and every dish.