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Bangarpet Chats Reviews and Ratings - Basaveshvara Nagar, Bengaluru


Rated 5.0 by Foodstagrambengaluru

We all love Chaats because it's inexpensive, tasty and moreover it's filling. ⚪Pani puri-  served here is unique and is a must try. Hallow thin shells of flour filled with carrot, onion, boiled chickpeas accompanied with transparent water which tastes flavorful and I always go bezerk over these panipuri. ⚪Dahi puri - The boondhi added to this dahipuri is crispy and of unique taste. Dahi added is also fresh. Would go for this anytime. ⚪Masalapuri- Drooling over these whenever I think of it. The steaming peas added to it gives a unique taste. ⚪Sevpuri- Sev used is here is fine and crisp. Usually served on the hollow puris which have filings. ⚪Bangarpet special - This is a unique chat and the taste is insane. Must try 💕 👉Hygiene- Maintained well. 👉Service- Great. 👉Ambience-family No such great ambience, but a good place with certain seats. 👉 Parking- Might be an issue.


Rated 3.0 by Tejuzen

I have been to this place couple of times. Self service type. Cleanliness is satisfactory. Not a very crowded place. Taste is satisfactory. Decent place, worth the cost.


Rated 3.0 by Prashanth Naik

Food (3/5) - Good quality of food Hygiene (3/5) - Very hygienic Service (3/5)- Self service with serving time of 2-5 minutes. Value for money ( 4/5)- The prices are reasonable. We have taken peanut masala, bangarpet special and floating Pani Puri. Out of which peanut masala was very good. But floating pani puri was just floating on water (It is my first time I am tasting it) I didn't like it. Apart from that, a very good place to visit for evening snacks..