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JP Nagar Phase 7
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Area 78 Reviews and Ratings - JP Nagar Phase 7, Bengaluru


Rated 1.0 by Krishna Vasudevan

This place needs major improvement, on the quality of the food to the lighting on the roof top to the type of alcohol used for cocktails. We were extremely disappointed by the level of quality here and started to think is it worth putting our healths at risk by consuming anything here. First the starters - onion rings, jalapeno poppers and Nachos, of these the only thing ok was the Nachos as they put nachos from a pack to a plate and gave dips on the side, not what I expected but much better than the other two. Seeing the quality of starters we were quickly thinking of cancelling the cocktails we ordered. So the cocktails, being the zomato gold member we ordered the whiskey sour cocktail and waited patiently for their service, which by the way needs to be improved. I have had whiskey sours in many places and I have never ever tasted a whiskey sour as bad as this. It can be voted as the worst whiskey sour in Bangalore, who uses cheap whiskey to make a cocktail? We sent it back and ordered the safest option possible, the mojito which was overfilled with white rum. We had a couple sips of it and paid the bill and vowed to never to return again.


Rated 1.0 by Achint Chandrashekar

The service is pretty bad, the server's do not know what's on the menu. The service starts at 7 but have to wait for half an hour for the preparation which makes no sense. The nachos is just chips with dip and 2 pieces of tomato on the chips. The server does not even understand what all items are on the menu. Totally bad experience would not recommend this place.


Rated 4.0 by Rimi Sen

I shall give a 4.5 on the food and beverages. Prices could have been little lower compared to quality. Nice ambience though. Staff can b little more attentive to guests.


Rated 2.0 by Still Hungry

Pretty much an empty place on a friday evening. Visited past the happy hour; zomato gold to the rescue, ordered cocktails on 2+2. Cosmo was okish but the blue lagoon sucked. Ordered fries for the sides and it pretty much sucked too, there was no salt in it (the one thing that adds taste to it :/ ). The music almost gave me a headache because of the volume at which it was being played (nobody else was in the room). Food: 2/5 Service: 3.5/5 Prices: 3.5/5 Ambience: 2/5


Rated 2.0 by Kumar Akashdeep

The fries were a bit soggy and not all of them were crispy.. Though on a Saturday evening the place was kind of empty.. The music was not at all impressive and only some college teenagers were dancing to that.. The staff was very reluctant and negligent as the service was very slow...I had this place in my list but now I think it was not worth it. This place did not have a B-52 nor kalhua nor Bailey.. Extremely limited drinks for a bar/pub.