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Vijay Ratlami Dalwada Centre Reviews and Ratings - Kankaria, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by @Akshay Dave

The food🍴 is great and ambiance awesome. The servers were polite. Overall a good experience. One of the good Center in the kankaria area for sure. A must if you are in Ahmedabad.. @harish Rathod😎😎


Rated 2.0 by Montu Darji

It's near to my walking distance... Previously every Saturday on morning daal vada and fafda emna j hoy..!! But now a days it's not same as we eat before 2-3 years back. Price are reasonable compared to other famous daal vada places in ahmedabad.. So they need to work on taste again if they need to survive on that area..!! Think on it guys..


Rated 5.0 by Savan Parmar

Its been over 20 years when i tried their dalwada for very first time and after all these years i will admit that there is not even 1% change in the taste. This place was introduced to me by my late Grandpa who was big fan of their dalwada. Big pieces of dalwada and methi gota always served hot is their speciality. I have seen them grow their business from a road side Lari to well established shop. My school was next to this place and i still remember my class teacher during recess time asks us to get dalwada and bhajia from here, and when we come back with parcel they give us 1 piece dalwasa or 1 piece bhajia as a thank you. And for young student that was no less than diwali bonus. One can get take away and also eat there. Previously if you want to eat there ony then there were banches where you can have snacks. In recent changes made in the shop they got rid of the banches and placed round high tables. Ambiance: only part on whicch they should concentrate more. Because lots of people have dalwada and bhaia there only it is bit massy.. event hough they keep tables clean one could easily dind pieces of snacks on d floor. Must Have: they serve only Dalwada and Methi Gota so there is nothing to choose that what to eat and what to not. But they are master of Dalwada. Good thing about place is that they make considerably small batch of dalwada and methi Gota at a time so one will never get cold item there. They serve both dalwada and got with sliced onions and green chilli. Avoid: nothing that one can skip Area of improvement: they need to work bit more on cleanliness. Also previously they had Kachori and Samosa on the menu and i still feel that in whole mani nagar area no one was serving such delicious kachori ad samosa. Somehow they have stopped making kachori and Samosa. I really wish these two items are still available. They serve from 10am to 8:30pm, sometimes 9pm max. But after 7:30pm chances of getting dalwada starts decreasing rapidly. Sometimes have seen them winding up days business at 8pm only. 3 generation of my family is fan of the place. Grandpa then dad and me, and i know my young daughter will also grow up liking this place also. From my 20+ years of experience of this place made me give it 5 as rating. Food: 5/5 Ambiance: 3/5 VFM: 5/5